What Is Grimes’ Net Worth?

Throughout the ages, countless talented professionals have won over the world with their skills and performances. Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and Whitney Houston are just a few of the iconic singers who stand out. More recently, stars like Mariah Carey and Beyoncé have set a new bar. Many of these musicians have their talent and hard work to thank for their incredibly high net worth. Grimes is one of the many talented musicians in the industry, but her connections to the entrepreneurial billionaire Elon Musk also seem to give this star some additional clout and rank. Take a look at where it all began for Grimes and just how much the singer’s net worth is. 

Grimes smiling, behind a keyboard and flowers, in front of a black curtain, on stage
Grimes | Gaelle Beri/Redferns via Getty Images

What is Grimes famous for?

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According to AllMusic, Grimes was born in Vancouver in 1988. Some of Grimes’ fans and followers may be surprised to learn that she was actually born under the name of Claire Elise Boucher. The Canadian native has always been largely influenced and pulled to the imagination. It would not be until many years after her birth that the singer would transition to her pop stardom persona Grimes. Though music might have not always been part of Grimes’ plan, it definitely seems obvious that she has always had a knack for creativity.

Grimes often recounts how meaningful and influential it was for her father to read her Lord of the Rings and similar works of fiction from such a young age. When speaking to Lana Del Ray for Interview Magazine, Grimes explained how grateful she was for those previous childhood experiences and how they have played a part in her “world-building.” 

In 2006, Grimes began studying at McGill University and began pursuing her career as a musician. Around this time that the singer adopted her Grimes persona and n 2010, the debut singer unveiled her first album and just a few months later Grimes released Halfaxa. Visions marked a monumental turning point in Grimes’ career as her success skyrocketed to new levels. Grimes’ continued to put her name on the map and began appearing in many soundtracks for productions like HBO’s Girls. Over the past two decades, Grimes has continued to break boundaries through her music, but that isn’t the only reason the star is so popular these days.

How did Grimes meet Elon Musk?

In May 2018 Grimes’ life got even more interesting when the star revealed that she was in a relationship with Musk. Musk, best known for his title as CEO at Tesla, met Grimes when he found a joke about artificial intelligence on her Twitter. Their connection quickly took off, and two years later, the couple welcomed their baby boy into the world. Much of the world was shocked to hear the Grimes and Musk decided on X Æ A-12 Musk when naming the baby, but, in retrospect, the unique name feels fitting for the unique couple. 

How much is Grimes worth?

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Between Grimes’ compelling career and connection to Musk, she is a celebrity on many people’s radars. Grimes’ Twitter feed showcases the singer’s art as well as her personal journey and political passions. Her growing number of followers continue to show her much love and support, and it doesn’t seem like Grimes plans on stopping anytime soon. Her latest album, Miss Anthropocene, has been a huge hit, and part of the reason the star continues to rise in the ranks.

While some might think her billionaire baby daddy might contribute to her net worth and success, think again. Grimes has made it clear that she is self-funded, saying that she wouldn’t want to “divert funds from, like, Tesla to my stupid art project,” and that, “Grimes is funded by Grimes.” At the moment, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Grimes’ net worth is valued at about $3 million.