Groot Takes Many Forms, and MCU Fans Think It’s Time We See Them All

Despite essentially being a tree (or Flora colossi), Groot is one of the most interesting alien characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Even though his physical appearance seems uniform in the form of branches, Marvel comics has offered numerous incarnations of the character. In the movies, audiences have only been privy to essentially three different forms.

Of course, Baby Groot is the most celebrated, a version beating out Baby Yoda by a few years. Not that Groot was first introduced this way. Regular adult Groot was seen first, then turned into a baby sapling later after older Groot dies.

Later, Teen Groot was seen, proving he continues to age throughout the MCU timeline. Fans want to see more Groot forms, even if an unfamiliar visage seems assured.

One Groot form in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ will apparently be Alpha Groot

James Gunn is usually very careful in giving away secrets about the Guardians of the Galaxy films. With Vol.3 coming up, Gunn still hasn’t made a peep about what the plot will be. As for the cast, they sometimes let things slip.

This time, it’s Vin Diesel who reportedly let it slip audiences would have a chance to see Alpha Groot. Whatever form this means for Groot is anyone’s guess since there really wasn’t such a name in the comic books.

Hearing the word “Alpha” gives connotations of “Alpha Male,” perhaps meaning some kind of ripped Groot who’s triple the size everyone’s used to seeing. Not that there haven’t been known versions of Groot seen in comics. Some fans even went on social media recently to list a few of the best known faces.

These particular variations might be more interesting than Alpha Groot, unless the previously existing ones will be incorporated into this new incarnation.

Is Alpha Groot a hybrid version of Space or Huge Groot?

On Reddit, someone gave a list of prior Groots from Marvel comic book history, some of which seem to resemble the new Alpha Groot mentioned above. One of those is Space Groot who looks like an Alpha Male version of the character.

Another one fitting the bill of the Vol. 3 version is “Huge Groot”, a Hulk-like variation perhaps too close to the latter monster without being green. Maybe James Gunn decided to take from both of these more robust Groots and turn him into the Alpha version.

Whether true or not, a couple more comic versions of Groot were created in recent years. These versions were also in the more giant category, seeming to prove the more Groot grows older, the bigger he becomes.

Well, hopefully it won’t reach a point where he starts developing rings to determine if he’s as old as many earthly trees.

A look at Mossy Groot and Black Vortex Groot

A close-up on Baby Groot, looking up bemusedly
Groot | Marvel

Taking a look at the above two Groots, one can say the more giant versions of the character don’t look much different from one another. Mossy Groot is basically Huge Groot with what appears to be moss on his fingers and neck/head.

Black Vortex Groot is a far more nefarious looking Groot, almost like he ascended out of Hell. Seeing a bad version of Groot would be interesting once Marvel starts exploring the multiverse as they will with Disney+’s What If…?.

Other Groot appearances in a Marvel movie are up in the air, especially if there’s any chance of him dying at the end of Vol. 3. The jury’s out anyway on audiences really warming to further guises of Groot, other than the cuter versions everyone went crazy over in Vol. 1 & 2.

Audiences may have to blame Baby Yoda for that after all.