‘Growing Pains’: Kirk Cameron Went on to Marry 1 of His Co-Stars

ABC first premiered Growing Pains in 1985, and the comedy-based series quickly became a fan favorite.

Many people enjoyed the TV show‘s ability to capture the essence of the quintessential American family, flaws and all. Dr. Jason Seaver and his wife, Maggie, were the entertaining and wise parents so many viewers eagerly watched on screen.

Take a look back at the talented cast ofGrowing Pains, some of the series’ most memorable moments, and which one of Kirk Cameron’s co-stars ended up marrying him. 

The characters and cast of ‘Growing Pains’ 

Mike (Kirk Cameron) and Ben (Jeremy Miller)
Mike (Kirk Cameron) and Ben (Jeremy Miller) | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

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Growing Pains became one of the most well-known television series of the late 1980s, and a huge part of that was due to the characters and cast. Alan Thicke was the actor who was cast as Jason Seaver and Joanna Kerns was the actress who played his loyal and loving wife.

The married couple had four children, Mike, Ben, Carol, and Chrissy. Ashley Johnson, Tracey Gold, Jeremy Miller, and Kirk Cameron were the talented and young actors and actresses who took on the part of the Seaver siblings. 

Some of the most memorable moments from ‘Growing Pains’ 

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Growing Pains ended up airing for a total of seven seasons, and, over the years, the fans and viewers had gotten to know and love the characters and cast. When the television series ended in 1992, ABC had shared quite a few memorable storylines and scenes.

To this day, many people still talk about Leonardo DiCaprio’s brief time on the family-based show. DiCaprio played Luke Brower, a homeless teen who the Seaver family begins to care of. Before his career took off, Brad Pitt also made two guest-appearance on Growing Pains. In the show, Pitt first appeared as Jeff Keith, a transfer student that Carol was crushing on. It was probably easy for fans and viewers to see Carol’s perspective. 

‘Growing Pains” star Kirk Cameron actually went on to marry one of his co-stars

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Cameron is one of the well-known celebrities from Growing Pains, and he has been very open and candid about his willingness for a reboot in the future. However, technically, Cameron will always have a part of the television series in his life. Some fans of Growing Pains may be excited to learn that Cameron actually went on to marry his co-stars, Chelsea Noble. However, some people might not find it all that surprising considering Noble also played his love interest on Growing Pains

Noble was cast as Kate MacDonald during season five of Growing Pains, and she quickly became a recurring character. When she first joined the cast, her character found herself smack dab in the middle of a love triangle between her current boyfriend, David, and Cameron’s character, Mike. As the episodes and plot unraveled, Mike and Kate found themselves happily together. In the series finale of Growing Pains, Mike was seen proposing to Kate, however, some viewers may have not realized that the two were already married in real life.

The Buffalo News was one of the few publications to share the ironic and beautiful event. Cameron and Noble are still married, and the couple has a total of six children.

From acting to reality, Cameron and Noble’s Growing Pains-inspired love story is most certainly a unique one. If ever there is a reboot of the popular show, this duo will be more than ready to pick-up where they left off.