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Look, but maybe don’t touch. That’s what many GTA Online players are realizing as they spot a UFO traveling around the game’s map. Rockstar Games planted the aircraft to seemingly prepare players for its upcoming Halloween event, which could sport an extraterrestrial theme this year. In the days leading up to Halloween, players can find and look at the UFO from a distance. However, getting too close or trying to damage the object will have strange consequences.

A truck heads into the Los Santos Airbase Bunker in GTA Online
Los Santos Airbase Bunker in ‘GTA Online’ | Rockstar Games

‘GTA Online’ teased a UFO event ahead of Halloween

On Oct. 15, Rockstar Games tweeted what appeared to be a teaser image for the upcoming Halloween Surprise event in GTA Online, as seen below. The black-and-white image showed the Los Santos Meteor newspaper reporting “strange lights” over Paleto Bay. Below the headline was a photo of a massive UFO in the sky.

“Strange sightings in GTA Online as Halloween approaches,” the tweet read.

Not long after Rockstar published the tweet, a GTA Online update launched a new sightseeing event. Every day, players can see a UFO traveling over various locations in Los Santos.

In order to see the aircraft, players must visit the areas around Blaine County between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. in-game. However, the UFO’s location changes every day, so players need to keep a sharp eye out. So far, it has appeared in locations like Paleto Bay, the Lighthouse, and Mount Chiliad.

One ‘GTA Online’ player tried to shoot the UFO down

One bold player posted their unique experience with GTA Online’s UFO on Reddit. When they spotted the flying object, they decided to use the orbital cannon — a dangerous explosive weapon — to shoot it down. A video showed the player aiming and firing the high-powered weapon at the UFO. Then, the screen went black, and it cut to the cannon’s control room. The screens flashed red, counted down from three, and the room shook. Apparently, the UFO fired back.

“For a second there, I genuinely thought the UFO was about to Obliterate you in retaliation,” one user commented on the post.

“Did… did the UFO take over your orbital cannon and shot at your facility? You can hear a little debris fall from the roof? What the f*** dude,” another user added.

Meanwhile, other players experienced strange occurrences when they got too close to the UFO. As GameRant reported, some people mentioned a powerful lightning strike when they approached the object in the sky. After the quick flash, the UFO disappeared, and the players’ vehicle engines briefly stopped. That definitely sounds like the work of aliens.

The full surprise event will likely arrive a few days before Halloween


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The UFO sightseeing event seems to be leading up to a greater Halloween event, which Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online have hosted for years. However, the event is usually a surprise, so details might not arrive until the day it begins.

GTA Online’s Halloween typically comes a few days before the actual holiday, and updates launch on Thursdays, which means the 2021 event could begin on Oct. 28. Last year’s event ran until Nov. 16, so players might see another two-week window for this one.