Guy Fieri’s Steak Hack Delivers the Perfect Sear

Guy Fieri has one of the most distinctive looks of any celebrity chef. If he walks into a room, you can’t miss him. But what allowed Fieri to become the celebrity he has is a commitment to sound fundamental principles in the kitchen and his philanthropy.

There’s no denying he’s a great chef. Fieri had some advice about how to perfectly sear a steak. For anyone struggling to perfect their steak technique, it’s a must-read. 

Guy Fieri has built a veritable food empire

Guy Fieri cooks at Vegas Uncork'd by Bon Appetit Grand Tasting event
Guy Fieri | Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit

Known for his iconic, bleach-blonde spiked hair, Fieri is one of the most famous chefs in the world. According to the Food Network, he got his start as a restaurant owner in 1996.

His menu and likability resonated with so many people that he soon got the opportunity to host his own show. Fieri’s larger-than-life recipes and personality have enabled him to build his brand in a big way.

While he’s hosted multiple shows and appeared in countless commercials, he’s best known as the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. In that show, he drives across America speaking to restaurant owners, getting an inside view of their businesses and kitchens. 

Some of Guy Fieri’s most famous dishes

Fieri may seem more like a celebrity than a chef these days, but he got to where he is by putting together delicious inventive recipes. He’s known for having a bold take on classic cooking in the kitchen. Food Network compiled some of his best recipes, and a few of those are: 

  • Cuban pork chop with mojo. This dish uses orange juice as a surprising yet refreshingly tangy marinade. 
  • Mac Daddy mac and cheese. No one does comfort food like Fieri, and the key to this recipe is adding bacon fat. 
  • Tex Wasabi’s koi fish tacos. Fieri’s nothing if not creative. This blend of Tex-Mex and seafood is a tasty new angle on the fish taco. 
  • Ryder’s turkey chili. Fieri uses classic, often-used spices to create a chili that has an entirely unique flavor. 
  • Chicken avocado egg roll. Infusing Asian cuisine with chicken and avocado, this appetizer would complement just about any meal. 
  • Guy-talian nachos. Forget the corny name – these nachos sound delicious. They substitute wonton strips for chips and use ground beef and Italian sausage. 

While Fieri has plenty of complicated and simple recipes to choose from, he makes them taste so good by mastering the basics in the kitchen. He recently shared a tip about steak that just about anyone could implement in their cooking. 

Guy Fieri’s hack for searing steak

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Cooking a steak perfectly can be something of an inexact science. It can also take a lot of trial and error for the novice chef. But whatever you want to say about Fieri — and much has been said about him, good and bad, fair and unfair – the man knows his way around the kitchen. He has a trick for searing steak that will leave it mouthwatering and delicious, cooked to perfection. 

People interviewed numerous celebrity chefs on some of their best cooking tips. Fieri shared how to sear a steak. While those of us who have burned endless steaks may think it’s impossible, Fieri’s advice is actually shockingly simple: 

“Reverse-sear your steak: Start in a low heated oven and slow-roast to your desired doneness, then finish in a hot cast-iron skillet. It gives you better internal temperature control and produces an awesome brown crust.”

Sure, it’s an involved process with multiple steps. But it’s likely worth it. Fieri knows what he’s talking about, so there’s no doubt following his directions will leave you with the perfect steak the next time you’re cooking them.