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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been together for five years. The two seemed like an unlikely couple when they met on The Voice, for multiple reasons.

First, both were married to other people when they met. Second, Stefani is a pop-rock superstar, while Shelton is a country as they come. Fans had a hard time reconciling Stefani’s soft demeanor with Shelton’s outrageous personality. But they work, despite having some big lifestyle differences. 

Gwen Stefani is a vegetarian 

Stefani has been a vegetarian since she was 12. Her diet is currently plant-based, like many other celebrities.

Stefani credits her diet with helping her maintain youthful skin. Although she’s 50 years old, Stefani looks much younger. Her diet may be part of the secret, but she takes good care of herself in general. Stefani makes sure to get enough rest, stay out of the sun, and she keeps her skin clean by carefully removing all her makeup at night. 

Shelton is a dedicated meat eater. Although they have completely different diets, food is still very important to them. Every year, the two pick out a new, wacky recipe to try for Christmas dinner.

In 2018, the two cooked up Timpano Dome for the family, which includes Stefani’s three boys from her previous marriage. The Italian pasta dish is basically a dome-shaped lasagna, with a lot of different types of pasta and cheese inside. Meat can be included, it’s likely Stefani made a meat-free version. 

Blake Shelton likes to indulge in fried foods 

He’s a country singer from Oklahoma. She was born and raised in sunny California. Although they’ve managed to find common ground, food is naturally a big difference for these two.

It isn’t just meat versus non-meat, either. Shelton seems like the kind of guy who enjoys a nice steak, and that’s definitely the case. But he also likes to indulge in fried foods and a lot of carbs. It’s the Oklahoma way, according to Stefani.

She said: “It shocks me because growing up in California…we learn how to be healthy. And in Oklahoma, they learn just how to have fun and eat like not worry about it, which is great.”

Stefani’s California plant-based diet is in stark contrast to the Southern fare Shelton is accustomed to. Her lifestyle is physically healthier than Shelton’s, although not worrying about what you eat can be very freeing mentally.

Still, Shelton has expressed a desire to get healthier in the past, and Stefani is reportedly encouraging him to adopt a plant-based diet as well. It’s not clear whether or not he’ll convert his diet to match Stefani’s, but he has changed one other important aspect of his life for her. 

That’s not the only lifestyle difference between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton 


Blake Shelton’s Best Gift to Gwen Stefani Is a Living Creature

Stefani is a strict Catholic. In fact, her religion is the only reason she and Shelton haven’t married yet. It’s not that Shelton won’t convert. He is very accepting of the Catholic faith and has been seen attending Mass with Stefani and her sons. 

Before meeting Shelton, Stefani was married to Gavin Rossdale. The Catholic Church doesn’t recognize second marriages, but it’s very important to the former No Doubt star to be married in the church. The only way to accomplish that is through an annulment.

Stefani is trying to get her former union with Rossdale annulled, but chances seem slim. The church rarely grants annulments, and Stefani may not have grounds for one. After all, she was in a long term relationship with Rossdale that produced three children. If the church denies the annulment, Stefani will have to pick between a marriage to Shelton and her religion.