Gwen Stefani Felt Intimidated and Embarrassed Her First Time Working With Dr. Dre

Gwen Stefani has a history of collaborating with hip-hop figures including artists such as Eve, Andre 3000, and Fetty Wap.

In the realm of music production, she’s worked with Pharrell and Dr. Dre, two people she respects and considers friends. But the first time she teamed up with the man who put Eminem on the map, Stefani had a hard time.

Gwen Stefani, Dr. Dre
Gwen Stefani visits Hallmark Channel’s ‘Home & Family’ at Universal Studios Hollywood, 2020 | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images; Dr. Dre arrives at the Tom Ford AW20 Show | Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Gwen Stefani and Dr. Dre worked together on 2 hits

Rapper Eve crossed over to pop territory with her song “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” which was produced by Dr. Dre. The track also featured a guest appearance from Gwen Stefani who sang the catchy hook.

It was the first time the two women met or collaborated, and it served as Stefani’s introduction to the hip-hop world. The 2001 hit won two awards, including a Grammy in 2002 for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and an MTV VMA for Best Female Video.

Eve spoke about their team-up in a 2016 interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, shortly after the two artists launched their summer tour.

“The initial idea for me and Gwen getting together wasn’t Dre or [Interscope label president] Jimmy Iovine, [it] was mine,” she said. “I love those songs. The sessions were great and fun. [We were] two chicks from those two genres of music that had never collaborated before then.”

Stefani and Eve then partnered up again for another Dr. Dre production with 2004’s “Rich Girl.” The track was part of Stefani’s solo debut, Love. Angel. Music. Baby. It went 2x platinum in the U.S.

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Stefani described first time working with Dr. Dre as ‘intimidating’

During a recent appearance on DJ Khaled’s podcast, The First One, Stefani opened up about her career, working with other artists, and some of her hit records. She spoke on what it was like to link up with Dr. Dre for the first time for “Let Me Blow Ya Mind,” explaining that Eve wanted her on the song.

She was excited that the Ruff Ryders rapper chose her to sing the hook, and enthusiastically headed to the studio. “I went in the studio with Dre, terrified. He was so hard on me and he’ll tell you,” Stefani said.

“This is a man — he’s a perfectionist. I mean it’s crazy. He made me sing that same thing. I went in there thinking I had practiced, I’m gonna do my style, it’s so easy.”

She recalled how Dr. Dre had other expectations. “He was really intimidating me because I was like this white girl and he was like ‘No, you’re ahead of the beat, Gwen. You need to get behind the beat.’ And I was like ‘What am I doing wrong?’ I had no idea. I was so outside of my culture — so outside of my genre,” Stefani shared.

She said she remembered leaving and crying after that session, thinking, “That was the worst. I’m so embarrassed!” But things did not stay that way.

Stefani told DJ Khaled that the second time she worked with Dr. Dre it was better. “He’s such a nice guy. He’s such a sweetheart. He’s so shy, ultimately.”

Stefani went on to say she did not know that “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” would blow up the way it did, and she had a good time making the video with Eve. “It was so fun to bounce to a different genre,” she said, adding that she felt honored to be a part of it.