Gwen Stefani Shares Her No. 1 Tip for Younger Looking Skin That Costs Absolutely Nothing

There’s no denying Gwen Stefani has good, or should we say great, skin. 

The No Doubt front woman with a successful solo career — we still reference “Hollaback Girl” when munching on a banana — is currently wrapping up her time as a coach on NBC’s singing competition, The Voice, (Nick Jonas has been announced as her replacement) and continues to headline her own Las Vegas residency called Just A Girl.

While her signature ponytail and red lip have been mainstays for Stefani’s beauty look when she’s on stage or any time really that she’s in front of the camera. Another given for Stefani? An even, glowing complexion with not a zit in sight. 

Gwen Stefani at the Met Gala on May 6, 2019
Gwen Stefani at the Met Gala on May 6, 2019 | Theo Wargo/WireImage

Stefani’s skin is fabulous thanks to regular exercise, a mostly vegan diet, as well as a few other tricks the performer’s learned over the years. One of them that costs zero dollars is what she attributes to her younger-looking skin at the age of 50. Yes, 50. 

Stefani’s best beauty tip: ‘stay out of the sun’

In a 2017 interview with Elle UK, the “I’m Just a Girl” singer harped on the importance of staying out of the sun because, as we all know by now, soaking up rays sans SPF wreaks havoc on the skin and causes our skin to age prematurely. That’s why wearing SPF regularly is touted by celebrities and dermatologists alike although Jennifer Aniston has said she can’t stand it. 

When asked what she’d tell her 15-year-old self, Stefani said, “Stay out of the sun!”

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Prompted to offer the best beauty tip she ever received, Stefani yet again highlighted the importance of choosing a shaded area as opposed to basking in the sun. 

“Stay out the sun! Ok so you guys [in England] have no problem with that,” Stefani said. 

“It’s funny though, because you definitely see it as you get older,” she told the publication. “Later in life, you’re like ‘What is that?!’ and it turns out it’s from the sun and you’re like, ‘Oh why did I do that to myself?’” 

She admitted to being lax with sunscreen in her teen years but committing to it as an adult. 

“That said, growing up in California, I was pretty good. Not when I was a kid, but once I hit my twenties,” Stefani said. 

The beauty of Stefani’s tip is that as opposed to using luxury products that cost a small fortune, staying out of the sun is completely free. 

J. Lo doesn’t ‘stay out in the sun too long’

The singer’s not the only celebrity who attributes her flawless complexion  — at least in part — to staying out of the sun. Another 50-year-old, Jennifer Lopez, a multihyphenate who is coveted for her “J. Lo glow” has said in addition to eating a healthy diet and exercise, baking in the sun is a no-go for her. And she always wears sunscreen. 

“I […] am a firm believer in SPF. I try not to stay out in the sun too long,” she told InStyle in 2016. 

Even on the red carpet, Lopez wears SPF. Her longtime makeup artist, Scott Barnes, revealed in a 2019 YouTube video he covers J. Lo’s skin with a sunscreen spray from Neutrogena to give her a glow and sun protection ahead of events. 

Take it from Stefani and Lopez, both women who make 50 look like 30, that staying out of the sun — and wearing SPF — are things your future self with thank you for later.