Hailey Bieber Opens Up About ‘Bad Experiences’ With Paparazzi Shooting Up Her Skirt

Hailey Bieber is a model who has seen her popularity exploded in recent years. The attention has not always been positive, however. Bieber is now the subject of interest for paparazzi in Los Angeles, which has led her to some “bad experiences.” She now opens up about some uncomfortable moments of having photographers trying to invade her privacy.

Hailey Bieber closeup, posing
Hailey Bieber | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hailey Bieber attracted a lot of attention as after marrying Justin Bieber 

Bieber is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, though she lived a relatively quiet childhood. She grew up in New York and only became more well-known when she began modeling. She also became known for having famous friends such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Her fame grew when she married Justin Bieber in 2018. Justin is an internationally-renowned pop star with a huge fan base. This, of course, meant that Bieber became more subjected to scrutiny on the internet.

Hailey Bieber says she does not fully understand paparazzi culture

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The Biebers live in Los Angeles, and they are followed by paparazzi everywhere. While they seem used to it now, Bieber explains that she still does not fully understand these photographers.

“Paparazzi’s such an interesting to me because I really don’t understand it,” she says on Dixie D’Amelio’s Early Late Night Show. “I think that it’s a really weird, invasive thing. What I understand is people wanting to capture clothing or try to get these outfit shots. To me, that is understandable because that’s good for the people who design the clothes and for our stylists.”

She adds, “But it’s a different thing when I feel like it feels invasive and disrespectful.”

Hailey Bieber talks about ‘bad experiences’ with paparazzi shooting up her skirt

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As an example of paparazzi moments that are “invasive,” Bieber talks about a recent experience she had.

“Last night, I was leaving a place with my husband, and we were coming out of this place and there was like curtains on the side [as we were] walking into the entrance. I had noticed that someone stuck a camera under the curtain from the ground angle,” she says, referring to her visit to The Nice Guy restaurant in West Hollywood recently.

Bieber explains that she was “wearing a really, really short skirt,” which made her worried about the camera potentially capturing an up-the-skirt photo of her. She said that this reminded her of times when photographers shot up her skirt as she was walking and later released those pictures. As reported by some news outlets, Justin asked photographers outside The Nice Guy if they took inappropriate photos of his wife, though they denied any wrongdoing.

“I think when you’re a woman and there’s men that are taking these photos, it feels really, really invasive, and it feels disrespectful, and it’s not okay,” Bieber says. “Notoriously, paparazzi are known for trying to get pictures of girls coming out of their car, when they’re in a dress or in a skirt, and there’s tons of photos of different people on the internet where you can see their underwear.”

Bieber continues, “They do it purposefully to embarrass them, is what it feels like… To a certain extent, you have to understand what comes with this industry and this lifestyle, although I still don’t understand how people are allowed to just take photos of you without your permission.”