Hallmark Star Jen Lilley Offers Fans an Exclusive Chance to Be Part of an Upcoming Hallmark Show (And More)

Hallmark Channel actress and Days of our Lives alum Jen Lilley wants the world to share their biggest talent as she kicks off #VoicesThatGive on May 1. Contestants compete to win $10,000 but also a chance to be in a Hallmark production.

Lilley described the month-long contest as America’s Got Talent from home and encourages people to dust off their hidden (or not so hidden) talents and share it online. “Voices that Give is a global competition,” she explained to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It’s designed to help artists of all genres and experience levels to showcase their true talent.”

Jen Lilley
Jen Lilley |Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“I created Voices that Give out my dream to create quality music that people will really love, while also helping orphans and children in foster care at the same time.” ” she adds. Lilley also releases her debut album LILLEY on May 1, which is tied to the contest. Lilley, who adopted via foster care is the host of podcast Fostering Hope, a platform aimed to support adoptive families of all types.

Show the world your talent

Lilley clarifies that the contest honors a wide range of talents. “I truly believe that every person was created on purpose and for a purpose,” she says. “And I believe that everyone has unique talents and gifts to bring to the party. Anybody can enter. There are different categories. There’s a musician, actor, dancer category. And then there’s a hidden talent or special skill category.” She adds that now is the time to let your talent shine, especially for contestants at home perfecting their skills.

But there’s also a category for Hallmark fans. “So you can enter in any of the five categories,” she continues. The grand prize is $10,000 and the winner will be widely featured in the press. Also, runners up in each category will receive a “career-specific” prize.

“As an actor, you could get a meeting with a Hollywood talent manager,” she describes. “If you’re a Hallmark fan you could get a walk-on role on a Hallmark channel movie. And can tour the set of Home & Family. There are a lot of fun prizes and it’s a way to get people out of their funk.”

Rally your biggest fans for a good cause

Create a video of your biggest talent and share it on social media. Tag the video #VoicesthatGive and then rally your friends and family to vote for you. “It’s going to be an upload link to YouTube, you can just upload it right there. If you have a video that exists, then you don’t even have to create an entry.”

Voting won’t commence until June so contestants have the entire month of May to put their talent videos online. Then in June, Lilley says contestants should get their fan base to vote for them. “So [contestants] are going to get their mom, dad brother, best friend to vote for them,” she describes. “Everyone they recruit to vote for them gets one free vote. But then they can also donate voting bundles. So if they donate $10, which is 10 votes, you’re also going to get my album.” Lilley will send fans an autographed copy of her album for a 25 vote donation ($25).

After the initial free vote, it’s $1 per vote. Proceeds from this contest go directly to Project Orphans, a foundation designed to provide orphans and children in foster care with safe and loving homes. The contest is based on generating the most votes. Winners will be announced in July.