‘Halloween Kills’: The Best ‘RHOBH’ Fan Reactions to Seeing Kyle Richards (and Her Bangs) in the Trailer

On Oct. 15, 2021, Kyle Richards will move from TV to the big screen. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will return to the Halloween franchise 43 years after her first appearance. And while many are happy to see the character return, RHOBH fans are particularly thrilled to see Richards’ acting chops. Here are some of the best fan reactions to her appearance in the Halloween Kills final trailer.

RHOBH and Halloween Kills star Kyle Richards wearing a green dress.
Kyle Richards | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Kyle Richards is a child actor turned reality star

Richards began her acting career in 1974 when she was just five years old. As a child actor, the RHOBH star appeared in shows such as Little House on the Prairie and Fantasy Island. She also starred as Lindsey Wallace in the original 1978 Halloween

She noted that when she was horrified when she first watched Halloween at the film’s premiere. She wasn’t aware of the type of film she’d been making.

“My mom said, ‘Oh, you can invite a friend,’ so I took my best friend in second grade. We both ended up sleeping with our moms until we were 15 years old!” Richards told E!.

Fans are living for her performance in the ‘Halloween Kills’ trailer

Though Richards has acted in multiple projects since she joined the RHOBH cast in 2010, fans of the series are particularly excited to see her in the horror film. By the looks of the final trailer, it seems that Richards has a substantial role, not just a quick cameo. Fans quickly took to social media to discuss Richards’ role. 

“I cannot get over Kyle Richards in the new Halloween Kills trailer,” a person wrote on Twitter.

“Dare I say Kyle actually looks like she gives a decent performance based on the new Halloween trailer?” one fan asked

“If Kyle Richards gets killed in Halloween Kills, it will still somehow be LVP’s fault,” another person wrote, referencing the ongoing feud between Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

And while many were excited about her performance, Richards’ hair was far and away the biggest point of discussion. In the trailer, she has bangs like her character in the original film. 

“So excited to finally see Kyle Richards’ long awaited Bangs in the new Halloween Kills trailer,” a person shared.

“Good morning to Kyle Richards’ bangs only,” someone else said.

“Kyle Richards is going to steal the entire @halloweenmovie using her bangs alone!” a fan declared.

Kyle Richards’ husband doesn’t like horror movies

Despite the waves of people who’ve made their excitement for Halloween Kills clear, Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, might not be as thrilled. Though the RHOBH star has appeared in several different horror films, Umansky isn’t a huge fan of the genre. 

“Oh my gosh, it’s so funny that people, [horror’s] just their thing. My husband, if we watch a scary movie, he has to put SpongeBob on after. He’s going to kill me for saying that.”

Though her husband may be nervous to see the film, it’s clear that a flood of RHOBH fans will head to theaters to see Richards take on Michael Myers in Halloween Kills. 

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