‘Halloween Kills’: How Jamie Lee Curtis Really Feels About Co-Star Kyle Richards

In the time since they appeared in Halloween together, Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards have established impressive careers for themselves. Curtis has starred in dozens of films, and Richards has one of the longest-running careers in the Real Housewives franchise. In 2021, they’ll reunite in Halloween Kills. Ahead of the horror film’s release, Curtis shared her thoughts on her co-star. 

Halloween Kills actors Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards wear black and pose together in front of a house.
Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jamie Lee Curtis and Kyle Richards met in 1978

Curtis and Richards first met on the set of Halloween, when Curtis was 19 and Richards was 8. In the original film, Curtis plays Laurie Strode, a babysitter trying to protect two children — one of them Richards’ Lindsay Wallace — from escaped killer Michael Myers. 

Though both women are reprising their roles in Halloween Kills, they separately admitted that the original film terrified them. “I don’t like being scared,” Curtis told People, adding that she always covers her face while watching even though she already knows “exactly what was going to happen.”

Richards wasn’t initially aware that she was shooting a horror film. So, she wasn’t scared while filming. It wasn’t until she watched the movie that she realized what she’d been a part of. 

“As a little girl, when we went to the premiere, I didn’t see it all put together,” she told E!. “My mom said, ‘Oh, you can invite a friend,’ so I took my best friend in second grade. We both ended up sleeping with our moms until we were 15 years old!”

Ahead of ‘Halloween Kills,’ Jamie Lee Curtis shared what she thinks of her co-star

Though Richards has acted in multiple roles since her appearance in Halloween, her primary focus is her part on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her appearance in Halloween Kills marks her first fictional role in several years. She shared that she’s thrilled to return to the franchise. 

“When I was in Halloween, I was eight years old. I didn’t know what I was doing until I saw it,” she said in a Universal promo for the film. “Then I was like, ‘What on God’s green earth?’… It just felt so good, all these people from the original movie coming together again. It’s like, you never hear of this. It’s just not done.” 

For her part, Curtis has nothing but good things to say about Richards’ work in the movie. 

“Watching @kylerichards18 show her humor, strength and GREAT vulnerability was one of the many sweet treats of @halloweenmovie,” Curtis wrote on Instagram. “I carried her in the 1978 HALLOWEEN and now she is caring for these (s—head) kids in the new film. STRONG. SASSY. DROP DEAD (pun intended) GORGEOUS even when covered in mud and blood! Brava Bella!”

Like many Bravo fans, Curtis is excited Richards returned for Halloween Kills. “People are going to be bonkers about her,” People reported Curtis said at a 2019 red carpet event. 

Curtis and Kyle Richards recreated a shot from the original ‘Halloween’

In a sweet behind-the-scenes moment, Curtis and Richards recreated a moment from the first Halloween movie. 

“Jamie, can I say something?” Richards started. “40 years ago…:”

“I carried you,” Curtis finished, and Richards jumped into her arms. They walk around the set to a clapping cast and crew. 

Viewers wanting to see Curtis and Richards continue their on-screen relationship can watch Halloween Kills in theaters and streaming on Oct. 15. 

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