‘Halloween Kills’ Was ‘Very Emotional’ For Jamie Lee Curtis. Here’s Why

Jamie Lee Curtis became an icon with her role in John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic Halloween. As Laurie Strode, the child of Hollywood royalty (her parents are Psycho star Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis,) Curtis cemented a place in the hearts of horror-movie-lovers everywhere. Now, she’s saying why shooting the latest franchise installment Halloween Kills was emotional for her. 

Jamie Lee Curtis defined a horror trope 

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Jamie Lee Curtis | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Laurie Strode might just be the original ‘final girl.’ Thanks to her role as Laurie Strode, who repeatedly takes on the seemingly unkillable Michael Myers, she’s remained at the forefront of the horror genre for 43 years. 

On the cusp of the autumn release of Halloween Kills (scheduled for release October 15,) she told The Hollywood Reporter that shooting it was emotional. 

​​”When I saw Kyle Richards and Nancy Stephens [who are in the original Halloween], I realized the passage of time and how long we’ve all been a part of this story,” Curtis told THR. “There was a moment where I ran into both of them early on. And it was very emotional because Kyle Richards was little Lindsey, a little girl I’m babysitting in [the movie].” 

Seeing actors who appeared with her in the original, said Curtis, underscored the “extraordinary” passage of time. 

“And she’s now a full-grown woman, living a very wonderful life,” continued Curtis. “The passage of time was extraordinary. In this film, we are telling more of the story of Laurie Strode and Lindsay and Marion, Nancy’s character, and that we’re all survivors. And it was a great moment of survival and pride.” 

Jamie Lee Curtis said shooting the last scene of the 2018 ‘Halloween’ was the ‘high point’ in her career

Curtis shared with the magazine that shooting the final scene of the 2018 Halloween was a particularly special moment. 

“This is me shooting my last scene before I was going to fly home to be back with my family,” Curtis said after describing the logistics of the final scene, which she performed from the back of a pickup truck. 

“And when I approached the set, the entire crew were standing in silent solidarity with their hands behind their backs. And everyone was wearing a name tag. And the name tag said, ‘We are Laurie Strode,’” continued Curtis. 

“What they were saying was, ‘We are with you, Jamie, in this moment. And we know there’s nothing we can do to help you as you do this moment of work alone in a pickup truck. We believe in you, because we are you.’ I gotta tell you, that may be the high point of my career.”

Jamie Lee Curtis is being honored at the Venice Film Festival

Curtis, who is receiving the Venice Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award for 2021, said she doesn’t feel “old enough” for a lifetime achievement honor. Certainly, playing Laurie Strode has kept her young. Other roles in Freaky Friday (2003), Knives Out (2019), and A Fish Called Wanda (1988) have also kept her highly relevant over the years. 

When it comes down to it, it’s difficult to even imagine a horror landscape without her. No need to worry, though  —  Curtis says she’s just getting started. 

“It seems weird to think of myself being old enough and experienced enough to warrant a lifetime of achievement,” she said. “I’m just beginning my work.”

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