‘Halloweentown’: Kimberly J. Brown Kept the Famous Book, But She Hasn’t Actually Read It

Halloweentown fans, admit it: we all wanted that Halloweentown-themed book. Aggie Cromwell (played by Debbie Reynolds) brought the Halloweentown book with her on a visit to the Piper family in the first film and used it to introduce Marnie Piper (Kimberly J. Brown) to the idea of witches. The illustrated storybook featured images of the magical town’s creatures and even showcased Marnie herself as a witch.

Unfortunately, very few copies of the Halloweentown book were made, and they mostly stayed on the film set. However, Brown did get to take a special copy home with her, which she has proudly shown off to fans. In a new TikTok video, she offered a tour of the book and admitted that she didn’t read the story itself.

Halloweentown star Kimberly J. Brown attends Step Up's 14th Annual Inspiration Awards.
‘Halloweentown’ star Kimberly J. Brown | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

Kimberly J. Brown gave a tour of the ‘Halloweentown’ book on social media

Brown showcased the book in a TikTok video on Oct. 14 in response to a fan question about the props she took from the Halloweentown sets. With the movie’s famous instrumental tune playing in the background, the actor offered a close look at the book’s pages, including an illustration of the town square with the giant jack-o-lantern. She also called out “snot man” and showed the drawing of herself on a broomstick.

The inner pages contained blocks of text and smaller illustrations. According to Brown, the book tells a story of “sorcery and ancestry.” However, these were only filler pages to flesh out the book, so Brown never read them. The plot of the story remains a mystery.

Brown also shared a little secret part of the book: she added a page from the DCOM’s script to the back. She had all of her castmates sign the page to create a “yearbook” that she could cherish forever.

Brown also offered a tour of the book in 2019 in a YouTube video, seen below. In the clip, she revealed that the producers gave her a copy of the Halloweentown book as a gift, but it wasn’t the exact one used in the film.

Kimberly J. Brown said people often ask her about turning the book into a reality

The Halloweentown book would have been a perfect promotional item for the movie, but unfortunately, Disney never turned it into a real best-seller. Speaking to Robert Peterpaul during an October 2021 episode of his podcast, The Art of Kindness, Brown admitted that fans continue to ask her why the book isn’t real.

“People ask me that all the time. I’ve made keychain versions for my Etsy shop…but yeah, I don’t know…So many people would love that book. And I understand completely. It’s an awesome book,” Brown said.

The book wasn’t the only ‘Halloweentown’ prop she kept

Brown’s keepsakes from the Halloweentown films are not limited to the book. In a 2013 Q&A video, the Tumbleweeds actor revealed that she took plenty of props and costume pieces home with her, including Kalabar’s (Robin Thomas) talking bat puppet and Marnie’s miniature broom. She’s also kept plenty of photos, script pages, and of course, Marnie’s famous witch hat.

All Halloweentown movies are now streaming on Disney+.

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