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Hannah Ann Sluss has had an interesting start to 2020. After telling Peter Weber to “become a real man” during the finale of The Bachelor, Sluss used her newfound platform to take the world by storm. 

Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for Sluss. Shortly after The Bachelor finale, the Coronavirus began spreading rapidly in the United States. Now, many people are practicing social distancing so the nation can get ahead of the spread of COVID-19.

Like many other celebrities, Sluss has used social media to document her self-quarantine and encourage fans to remain positive during these uncertain times.

'The Bachelor' Hannah Ann Sluss coronavirus
Hannah Ann Sluss | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Hannah Ann recently moved to California 

After a problematic conclusion to her relationship with Weber, Sluss was ready to take on the world. She packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, which she had teased on social media before the finale of The Bachelor. Many fans thought her move was because she was in a relationship with Weber, but Bachelor Nation now knows that’s not the case. 

Sluss is close with Hannah Godwin, a contestant from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Godwin shared with People that Sluss had “been trying to move out West for a while.” On March 12, 2020, Sluss officially made her move to Los Angeles. 

Sluss couldn’t have picked a more difficult time to move across the country. It wasn’t long before she was forced to practice social distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Hannah Ann encouraged her fans to be kind to themselves

In these wildly unpredictable days of quarantine, Sluss had an important ask of all of her friends and followers: remember to be kind to yourself. Being locked up at home can quickly cause your mind to focus on other things — especially negative-self talk. Sluss took to Instagram to encourage everyone to do otherwise. 

Kiss of Kindness- Typically when we think of being kind, we imagine ourselves going out of our way to improve someone else’s well-being. However, in the midst of what we’re facing today, the kindest act we can do is to learn how to turn that kindness inward. I have been focusing on cultivating positive-self talk and a strong inner voice to combat the uncertainty. What phrases or mantras do you repeat to show yourself some kindness? #day4

Hannah Ann Sluss, Instagram

Despite the at-times discouraging way things are going with COVID-19, Sluss reminded everyone to stay positive. Her Instagram post encouraged an open dialogue with fans who shared their struggles with self-love in the comments.

Sluss was kind enough to reply to many of those supporters, offering her comfort and advice. In one comment, Sluss wrote: “comparison steals our joy. you deserve to feel worthy and more than enough it’s inside of you!!” 

What will Hannah Ann do when all of this is over? 

One day when all of this Coronavirus is behind us, fans can expect to see Sluss take the world by storm once again. Sluss will likely have a long list of modeling gigs to attend to, but she may also have another appearance in Bachelor Nation as well.

After Weber ruined her first engagement, fans are speculating that Sluss may participate in Bachelor in Paradise. While nothing is confirmed, Bachelor producer and host Chris Harrison thinks Sluss would be a good fit for the show’s spinoff, so we’ll see!