‘The Bachelor’: Hannah Ann Sluss’ Parents Had to Ship Her Toilet Paper Because of Coronavirus

Hannah Ann Sluss likely picked the worst time to move cross country, and she’s sharing some of her moving struggles with her newly expanded Instagram following. Like many alums of The Bachelor, Sluss has made the decision to move out to Los Angeles following her broken engagement with Peter Weber. As Sluss is a model, she’s had her eyes on the City of Angels for years. She also has the added bonus of being in close proximity to her good friend, and fellow Bachelor alum, Hannah Godwin.

Hannah Ann Sluss Instagram
Hannah Ann Sluss | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Hannah Ann Sluss recently moved to Los Angeles

Unfortunately for Sluss, she picked one of the worst times to move. With the rapid spread of the Coronavirus (formally known as COVI-19) Los Angeles, and other big cities, are shutting down. Sluss has been trying to get as many supplies as she possibly can just in case social distancing becomes mandated, rather than a suggestion. In a recent Instagram story, she revealed that she and her friend were scrambling to get everything she needed because she was afraid of being quarantined.

How Coronavirus is affecting the model and her move

“I’m pretty sure I picked the worst time to move. L.A., we’re pretty much on lockdown. But the funny thing is I picked my apartment without seeing it in person. And so Sarah over here is being an awesome friend and she’s actually showing me around,” Sluss shared to her 1.3 million Instagram followers while on the hunt for bedding.

Fortunately, Sluss was able to pick up most of the essentials despite many stores being closed or low on stock. She had to hit up multiple grocery stores and eventually was successful. But, one thing that’s been particularly difficult to find is toilet paper. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, people are panic buying and hoarding toilet paper. It’s been ridiculously difficult to find in big cities like Los Angeles.

‘The Bachelor’ alum revealed that her parents had to ship her toilet paper

In fact, the shortage is so bad that Sluss’ parents had to mail her some toilet paper from Knoxville, Tennessee. “I have to show you guys the best package I got in the mail this week. This is an amazing try on,” Sluss began playfully on her Instagram story. “Actually just kidding, I got toilet paper. Thank you to the best parents for mailing me just two rolls of toilet paper since it’s been so hard to find,” the 23-year-old shared.

Hannah Ann Sluss Instagram story
Hannah Ann Sluss Instagram story

Sluss jokes about being paid in toilet paper on Instagram

Sluss continued on to share how odd it was to be receiving a package of toilet paper. She also joked that companies could pay her with toilet paper since she will likely start promoting products as an influencer soon. “There’s been a shortage on toilet paper and hand sanitizer so maybe companies will just start paying me in toilet paper. Instead of money like oh hey…here’s your toilet paper. Gosh, what is the world coming to? What has…2020 has just been weird. Can it get any more weirder…I mean,” Sluss asked of her Instagram following.

Fortunately, Sluss has parents who are willing to help her through this strange move. We hope that people stop hoarding necessities like toilet paper and that everyone continues to do their part to keep the world as healthy as possible. Hopefully, we’ll be on the other side of Coronavirus sooner rather than later.