Hannah Brown Says Dating Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’ Felt ‘Off’

A lot has changed since Colton Underwood was the star of The Bachelor. But details are still coming out about the season. Hannah Brown revealed how things felt off with the former football player.

Colton Underwood came out as gay after ‘The Bachelor’

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Underwood was the star of The Bachelor in 2019. Brown was a contestant on that season known for previously being Miss Alabama USA. She had some drama with Caelynn Miller-Keyes, who was Miss North Carolina USA.

They were previously roommates while doing the pageant and fell out. This led to drama on the show, but Underwood dramatically sent Brown home first.

Underwood chose Cassie Randolph in the end. But he later came out as gay in 2021. Some women from his season have publicly reflected on their time with him since then, and the latest one is Brown.

Hannah Brown says dating Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’ felt ‘off’

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Brown revisited her relationship with Underwood in her book, God Bless This Mess. She revealed how she felt during that time.

“I kept getting the feeling that something was off,” the reality star wrote, according to Insider. “A feeling like he didn’t even want to be kissing me, you know? Some of the other girls felt like something was off, too, and honestly I didn’t know what to think.”

Brown said she told Underwood the drama made her debate between moving forward with their relationship and backing off. But he encouraged her to move forward. However, she got a sense something was wrong on her last date with him.

“As soon as I got in the car to go on that date, I got this feeling in my gut that something was wrong,” she claimed. “It’s like we just weren’t connecting the way we were supposed to.”

Hannah Brown isn’t the only woman to say this about Underwood

Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood sit on a couch smiling on 'The Bachelor'
Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood on ‘The Bachelor’ | Josh Vertucci via Getty Images

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Other contestants from the season have talked about their chemistry being off with Underwood. Caitlin Clemmens, Sydney Lotuaco, and Tayshia Adams all put his kissing skills on blast on Bachelor in Paradise.

Adams said his kissing skills needed work, but he got better throughout the season. Underwood later defended himself through Us Weekly.

“They film a lot of hours, I don’t know how that ended up making the cut, but it did, so the only person who really matters that likes my kissing is Cassie at this point. Cassie said I was a good kisser so that’s all that matters,” he said.

Randolph and Underwood have since broken up. Underwood is returning to reality television with a Netflix show called Coming Out Colton.