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While it’s not breaking news, former chief stew Hannah Ferrier made it clear that she still refuses to watch Below Deck Mediterranean after being fired from the show during season 5.

Some Bravo fans have struggled to embrace new chief stew Natasha Webb, prompting some viewers to express to Ferrier that they wished she would return. And while there’s no going back to Below Deck Med, Ferrier is open to making a guest appearance on another Below Deck series.

She also said her aversion to watching her old show is Med specific, sharing that she still watches plenty of Bravo.

Hannah Ferrier still watches lots of Bravo, even though ‘Below Deck Med’ is not on her list

A Below Deck Med viewer recently tweeted that they won’t watch the current season without Ferrier on it. “Awwwww,” Ferrier replied. “I can’t bring myself to watch and I watch EVERYTHING on bravo.”

Hannah Ferrier from 'Below Deck Med' talks into a walkie while in the kitchen
Hannah Ferrier |Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Indeed Ferrier does watch a lot of Bravo. She recently expressed shock over how The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fights went down on and off camera. Beyond the fights on camera, some fans took the drama on RHOBH to social media and ultimately started attacking and threatening Garcelle Beauvais’s son Jax.

“I hate [the attacks on] children, I hate the whole racism stuff,” Ferrier told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “With Housewives, they go low, they go dirty. It’s a pretty brutal setup.”

“With Real Housewives, you’re signing up to rip each other’s heads off,” she added. “And if you don’t, you don’t get brought back. But it’s pretty disgusting what’s going on. Because I love Garcelle as well. I think she’s just a fabulous woman. I’m definitely Garcelle and Sutton [Stracke] on Beverly Hills [laughed].”

She may not watch ‘Below Deck Med’ but has an opinion of chief stew Natasha Webb

Despite not watching the show, Ferrier still tunes in for her favorite recaps on the Watch What Crappens podcast. “I just listen to the recaps,” she laughed. And added that Watch What Crappens podcast host Ronnie Karam thinks Webb is boring, “So I think she’s boring,” she laughed.

She also doesn’t think Below Deck Med has found her replacement either. “It’s really hard because obviously, they’ve changed the chief stew every season since I left,” Ferrier said. “And I feel like it’s such an important role on Below Deck to fill. Because you want somebody who is good at their job, but then at the end of the day, we kind of go like, ‘Oh it’s yachting.’ It’s still a reality show. So you want someone who’s funny, who’s quick. Who is not afraid to take people on. Not afraid to school their stews.”

“I’m hoping they find one of those soon,” she added. “Because the one that’s on there now doesn’t seem like … Like she could be very good at her job, but doesn’t sound like interesting television.”

Hannah would make a ‘Below Deck’ guest return for Captain Lee or Captain Jason

Ferrier just finished filming The Real Love Boat and said returning to any Below Deck series full-time is definitely not in her future. “I definitely wouldn’t go in and start a season expecting to finish it,” she said. “I’m good friends with Lee. I had a chat with him last week and I’m friends with Jason who does [Below Deck] Down Under.”


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“So with those two, if they needed help, and like I said, to Lee, we were talking about an interview I’d done. And I said to Lee, ‘If you needed help away from Below Deck, I would come to help you.’ Because I respect and I like him.”

 So, “I think if someone quit or got fired and they needed me to come and help them, those two captains, I would do it,” she added. “But I don’t think I would be like, OK cool. I’ll just go back and start doing year after year. Because it’s very physically strenuous as well.”