Hannah Ferrier From ‘Below Deck Med’ Laughs About Kelly Dodd Feud – ‘It Is Kinda Sad’

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean isn’t overly concerned about Kelly Dodd’s anger toward her after Ferrier called Dodd a “f****** moron” and “sad.”

Ferrier and Dodd exchanged a few snarky comments online, beginning with Ferrier calling Dodd a “f****** moron” when Dodd complained that Heather Dubrow’s son gave her coronavirus (Covid-19) at a New Year’s Eve party.

Recently Dodd pointed out ratings this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County were not as good as they were when she was on the show. Ferrier called Dodd’s gleeful ratings posts about RHOC “sad” and said she still thinks her comments are sad.

Hannah Ferrier said Kelly Dodd gave herself Covid at the New Year’s Eve party

During a discussion on her Dear Reality, You’re Effed podcast, Ferrier recalled why she got into the spicy exchange with Dodd in the first place. “It all started because she did that post and she blamed Heather Dubrow’s child for giving her Covid at a New Year’s Eve party,” Ferrier said.

Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean laughs as a guest on WWHL
Hannah Ferrier |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“I had a few wines and it wasn’t on her post, it was like on a repost or something,” she continued. “And I just went like, ‘If you went to a New Year’s Eve party with more than 60 people in the middle of a pandemic, then you gave yourself Covid.”

“There’s necessities we need,” she added “Like grocery stores and pharmacies and doctors and things like that. If you get Covid there, I feel sorry for you. If you go and get Covid at a New Year’s Eve party with like 100 people, then nobody there gave you Covid. You gave yourself Covid, right? So and since then, she’s just like, not a big fan.”

She also still thinks Kelly Dodd’s obsession with ratings is ‘sad’

Ferrier said that Dodd’s obsession with ratings is sad and still feels that way. “She’s very obsessed with the show still,” she observed. “And I don’t watch [Below Deck] Med anymore. I still watch the other Below Decks. But like, I can’t imagine going online and being like, ‘So the demographic of this and this compared to the ratings of when I was on it … Blah blah blah! Hannah 6, Sandy 0.’ Like, just move on.”

“But this is what we were talking about before when it’s your whole life like that, you get consumed,” Ferrier added. “So I just said, that’s kind of sad. And then she had another go at me. Well, it is kind of sad. It’s like that if you’re still holding on with that kind of strength to something that you’re not part of anymore.”

Ferrier’s guest was podcast host Melissa Pfeister who said when she asked Dodd if she’d come on her show, Dodd turned her down and said Pfeister audience was too small.

Kelly called Hannah a ‘waitress on a boat’

The exchange over ratings went down on the TV Deets Instagram, which shared Dodd’s ratings observation. Ferrier wrote, “That’s kind of sad” about Dodd’s remark, so she shot back.

“Sad?” Dodd wrote. “Making observations about the performance of a show I was on for five years? I’m doing recaps and this is news. What’s sad is you may never do anything better than being a waitress on a boat.” Despite the remark, Ferrier didn’t respond until she commented on her podcast.

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