Hannah Godwin Was ‘Super Relieved’ When She Didn’t Get ‘The Bachelorette’

These days, Hannah Godwin is happily engaged to her fiancé, Dylan Barbour. But, it wasn’t too long ago that she was competing on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. Godwin was a fan-favorite early on and she also managed to snag Underwood’s attention. After nabbing the first impression rose, the Alabama native made it all the way to fantasy suite week before the former NFL player broke things off with her to exclusively pursue Cassie Randolph.

Hannah Godwin attends Guess event with fiance Dylan Barbour
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While Godwin didn’t manage to steal Underwood’s heart, she made it far enough to be considered for The Bachelorette. Fans of the franchise will note that multiple contestants are typically considered for the lead role. They go through multiple interviews, record footage, and even sign contracts before the final person is selected. In Godwin’s case, Hannah Brown ended up being the person selected for the part.

Hannah Godwin was being considered for ‘The Bachelorette’

Recently, Godwin made a YouTube video detailing her experience auditioning for The Bachelorette. “I went through every single Bachelorette interview and they called me and they were like ‘Okay, so we’re actually gonna start filming like this weekend b-roll and stuff,which is just like extra footage and stuff for your season if you get it you know,” Godwin began.

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But, Godwin was having some adverse reactions to being considered for The Bachelorette. She was feeling a bit anxious about everything that could possibly go wrong if she were to land the role. “While this was happening, I was like having these like nightmares every night about being the Bachelorette and like screwing it up or something. It’s just a lot of pressure and stuff,” the Bachelor in Paradise alum shared.

The Alabama native was still dealing with her split with Colton Underwood

Despite her hesitations, the producers still came down to Alabama where they met with Godwin and her family. Whilst there, they talked about the role more in-depth and Godwin signed the contract. But, after a day the called her to let her know she hadn’t gotten the part. Still, they were excited about her and hoped to see her in Paradise. Funnily enough, Godwin wasn’t bummed about the news. In fact, she felt relief that the part went to someone else.

“I could have totally done it, but a part of me was like super relieved. I guess I’d just gone through this crazy public like breakup essentially, so I still basically kind of had like the secret going on. I couldn’t obviously tell people what had happened and stuff,” Godwin shared about her breakup with Underwood. “But ultimately everything happened exactly the way that it should have I thought Hannah [Brown] was a great Bachelorette,” Godwin said, praising her friend.

Godwin has found happiness with her fiancé, Dylan Barbour

Another reason that Godwin is now happy she didn’t land the role is because of her relationship with Barbour. Though he would have been on her season if she’d landed the part of The Bachelorette, there’s no guarantee that the pair would have ended up together. In fact, that’s something the pair of them have discussed at length.

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“Me and Dyl[an Barbour] talk about it all the time. He always says ‘If it would have been you and we had the connection we did like, I would have been the psycho of the season. And I wouldn’t be able to like watch you with other guys.’ And so I was like, ‘Okay fair’ so everything happened the way and it totally should have,” Godwin shared. Things obviously worked out in Godwin’s favor. Clearly, her subconscious knew that being The Bachelorette wasn’t the right choice for her.