Hannah Godwin Just Had a Dance Party With the OG ‘Dance Moms’ Cast

The world of reality TV is much smaller than anyone thought. Bachelor in Paradise star, Hannah Godwin, recently documented a fun night she spent with three members of the original cast of Dance Moms. Nia Sioux, Paige Hyland, and Brooke Hyland were three dancers that grew up dancing at the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC.) They were also selected to appear on the popular Lifetime reality show. Sioux remained the only dancer to stick around for all seven seasons of the show’s original run. The Hyland sisters, however, were kicked off the team in season four because their mother, Kelly Hyland, got into a physical altercation with their dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller.

Hannah Godwin Bachelor star
Hannah Godwin | Photo by Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

The first episode of Dance Moms premiered nine years ago in January of 2011. The show focused on Miller and her dedicated dancers, known as the Junior Elite competition team and their overly dramatic mothers. The team members learned a new dance every single week and traveled across the country to compete on a weekly basis. The ultimate goal was, of course, to win a national dance title.

Similarities between Dance Moms and The Bachelor

But, the road to nationals was always a struggle. Not only was the ALDC competing with other studios across the country, but they were also competing with each other despite being close friends. In a strange way, the dynamic of the show mirrors Godwin’s experience on The Bachelor. The Junior Elite competition team was often pitted against each other for the sake of getting to perform solos, duets, or trios at upcoming competitions. Similarly, Godwin, and other members of The Bachelor cast, were often pitted against one another in the hopes of securing a group date or the coveted one-on-one date.

Jake Clark, Brooke Hyland, Hannah Godwin (Bachelor Star), Teala Dunn, Nia Sioux, and Paige Hyland
Jake Clark, Brooke Hyland, Hannah Godwin, Teala Dunn, Nia Sioux, and Paige Hyland

The Dance Moms cast reunites

But, despite the pressures of the show, the Hyland sisters and Sioux are still very good friends with one another. It seems they’ve added Godwin to their friend group also. On January 7, 2020, the three Dance Moms alums, along with Godwin, and their mutual friend Teala Dunn, enjoyed a night out in Los Angeles. The five TV stars attended dinner at a French restaurant in West Hollywood. The friends dined on salads before enjoying some delicious desserts. They each documented their dinner on their respective Instagram pages. The Hyland sisters even joked that they finished their meals long before Bachelor star Godwin and Dunn were even halfway through theirs.

An impromptu dance party

After dinner, Sioux seemed to head out, but Godwin, Dunn, and the Hyland sisters hung out together a little while longer. In fact, they decided to have an impromptu dance party in a parking lot. Godwin herself recorded the short, choreographed, affair and posted it to her account on the popular app TikTok. She also reposted it to her Instagram stories so that more of her fans could witness the dance.

Hannah Godwin (Bachelor Star), Taela Dunn, Paige Hyland, and Brooke Hyland
Hannah Godwin (Bachelor Star), Taela Dunn, Paige Hyland, and Brooke Hyland

After they successfully completed the dance, Godwin screamed in celebration and jumped up and down. We’re still not quite sure how The Bachelor world and the Dance Moms worlds managed to collide, but everyone seems to be having a great time which is what matters most.