‘Happiest Season’: Mary Holland Weighs in on the Debate About That Ending

The end of Happiest Season has a lot of people talking. Some fans aren’t happy with it and wanted a character to end up with someone else. Mary Holland, who played Jane, wrote the movie with the director, Clea DuVall. She explained the reason for the ending and responded to the debate. [Warning spoiler for Happiest Ending!]

‘Happiest Season’ had a happy ending

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The movie followed Harper (Mackenzie Davis) inviting her girlfriend, Abby (Kristen Stewart) to come home to celebrate Christmas with her family. But she doesn’t reveal until the very last minute that she isn’t out. She asked Abby to pretend to be her straight roommate to throw her family off.

The whole situation almost tears the couple apart. That’s because Abby keeps ditching Harper to be with other people. Abby also grows closer to Riley (Aubrey Plaza), who reveals how Harper turned on her after they were outed in high school.

The movie ended with Harper getting outed again, but this time by her sister. Harper’s first instinct is to lie again. But in fear of losing Abby, she tells the truth and begs for her to come back. The couple stays together in the end and we see that they’re engaged a year later.

Some fans want Riley and Abby to be together

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Fans didn’t hold back with their reactions to the movie. Many of them didn’t think Harper should have been forgiven after everything she did. They were rooting for Abby to get with Riley instead.

Plaza also seems to be Team Riley. “I hope that people walk away from the movie and they’re like disappointed that Kristen Stewart didn’t end up with my character, and they like riot in the streets about it,” she said while talking to Dan Levy, who played John. “For me it’s a competition. Acting is a competition and I just want to win,” she joked.

Mary Holland weighs in on Abby and Harper staying together

Happiest Season
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Many fans weren’t happy to see the couple stay together after everything Harper has done. But Holland explained the reason for the ending.

“Clea and I always wanted Abby and Harper to have a happy ending,” Holland told Entertainment Tonight. “In the course of being in a relationship and especially at this time in Harper’s life, you encounter bumps in the road, and we wanted them to be able to work through that and come together and have a happy ending with each other.”

She continued, “Clea talked about after Christmas morning and we have the chyron that says ‘One year later,’ within that year there’s so much processing going on, there’s a lot of conversations between Abby and Harper and also with the family, and there are so many dynamics that came to light over this particular holiday for this family.”

Sadly, fans might feel cheated for not being able to process everything with the couple. Only time will tell if there will be a sequel to revisit the couple.