‘Happiness’ Episode 12 Finale: Did the Tenants and Yi-hyun Survive?

The highly-talked about Park Hyung-sik Korean drama ended on Dec.11 with Happiness Episode 12. In the K-drama‘s previous episode, fans learn many unsettling truths about the residents of the building. Jung Yi-hyun (Park) and Yoo Sae-bom (Han Hyo-joo) learn there is a serial killer among them that poses a threat.

Happiness Episode 12 raised the stakes as the residents and Yi-hyun battle against each other for survival. The question remains, was Sae-bom’s blood the answer to the cure and to saving Yi-hyun from staying a blood-sucking monster?

Yi-hyun from 'Happiness' K-drama with bloody shirt and handcuff key.
Yi-hyun from ‘Happiness’ K-drama | via tvN

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Happiness.]

Sae-bom returns to the infected zone to save Yi-hyun in ‘Happiness’

According to Soompi, Happiness’s producer teased, “The shocking truth of the infectious disease situation, including the treatment, will be revealed. The final episode will be filled with suffocating tension and lingering feelings.” This was certainly true as Sae-bom returns to the residential building. Tae-Seok (Jo Woo-Jin) gives her one of the only antidotes made with her blood. Instead of using it for Yi-hyun, she administers it to Seo-Yoon’s (Song Ji-Woo) mother.

Sae-bom passes the barricade and re-enters the building. Fans learn what has happened in the meantime during her absence. Yi-hyun gave into his thirst and bit Andrew (Lee Joo-Seung). He and the other tenants check on the others in hopes of finding Andrew, who has likely turned.

Meanwhile, Sang-hee (Moon Ye-won) and Hae-sung (Park Hyoung-soo) try to figure out the passcode to Joo-hyeong’s (Baek Hyun-jin) bank account. Joo-hyeong took the Next pill after Sang-hee attacked him.

Sae-bom and Yi-hyun have their first kiss in ‘Happiness’ Episode 12

While the remaining tenants are bloodied but alive, Yeon-ok (Bae Hae-sun) convinces Joo-hyeong to try and kill Yi-hyun. He takes Sang-hee hostage and cuts her to entice Yi-hyun with her blood.

Yi-hyun escapes to the apartment to control his thirst, not wanting to become a monster. Thankfully, Sae-bom arrives and calms him. They share their first kiss.

Tae-sok and a crew of soldiers return to the building after So-yoon’s (Jung Woon-sun) testimony that some of the infected never turned. They sequester the remaining tenants to take them back to the research facility.

‘Happiness’ gets a happy ending after all


‘Happiness’: Episode 4 Recap – Residential Building Becomes Infected Zone

Happiness Episode 12 takes a turn when Yi-hyun comes face to face with Andrew. In an attempt to take the gun, Yi-hyun is shot in the stomach. Sae-bom comes to his aid and uses her blood to make Andrew turn.

Before he can attack Sae-bom, Yi-hyun shoots him. The K-drama has fans on edge as it makes it seem that Yi-hyun succumbs to his gunshot wound. In Happiness’s epilogue, Joo-hyeong and Yeon-ok are alive and sent to court for murder and their crimes. Fans also get to see Seung-Young (Lee Kyu-Hyung) introduced in episode 1.

Fans get their happy ending as a healthy Seo-yoon runs into Sae-bom’s arms a year later. Yi-hyun and most of the population have been cured of the virus and live normal lives.