‘Happiness’: Episode 2 Breakdown and Synopsis

Actors Park Hyung-sik and Han Hyo-joo star in a new tvN and Viki Korean drama called Happiness. Do not let the name of the drama be misleading. Happiness episode 1 sets the scene and the backstory to how everyday civilians become blood-thirsty monsters. But, Happiness episode 2 interweaves a new setting that will likely become the focal point for the drama.

The K-drama centers around a special forces officer and a detective who join forces with the lieutenant colonel to find the cause of the new virus. The main characters become even more tangled in the mystery as the motives of supporting characters cause turmoil.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Happiness.]

Character Han Tae-seok for 'Happiness' episode 2 k-drama on a phone call
Character Han Tae-seok for ‘Happiness’ episode 2 k-drama | via tvN

Yoon Sae-bom and Jung Yi-hyun move in together

Happiness episode 2 begins with Han Tae-seok (Jo Woo-jin) visiting a homeless shelter where an infected homeless man ravaged citizens. Back at the base, Yoon Sae-bom’s (Han) partner, Lee Seung-young (Lee Kyu-hyung) watches the news on his phone and asks Sae-bom if she is okay and what is happening. Sae-bom quickly calms his worries and instead tells him that she asked Yi-hyun to marry her and move in together. Yi-hyun agreed, thinking it was a good idea.

The scene changes to explain Seun-young’s odd behavior toward Sae-bom and her wound from an infected. Seun-young cautiously meets with a reporter outside the base who promises a hefty sum of money for evidence of where they took Sae-bom to get tested. It is also revealed that Seun-young was scratched by a victim of the first attack.

The episode then changes to show Sae-bom entering her new apartment building and meeting an odd tenant who begs for a special ops t-shirt. While unpacking, Yi-hyun opens the gift his partner gave him. It is a photo of Yi-hyun and Sae-bom during high school after Sae-bom pushed him off the ledge. Sae-bom is then tasked with giving out rice cakes to the building’s tenants. She meets a young girl, and viewers learn half of the building is off-limits to the renters below.

Jung Yi-hyun and Han Tae-seok officially join forces in ‘Happiness’ episode 2

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In a meet-up with Tae-seok, Yi-hyun learns he was the one who encouraged Sae-bom to marry Yi-hyun to get more points to live in the new building. But, the scene revealed that Tae-seok once worked for a pharmaceutical company stealing drugs from other competitors. “He is full of mystery and seems to know a thing or two more than he has revealed,” explained MSN for Yahoo! News.

After receiving a phone call from her mother and talking about the new virus in relation to coronavirus (COVID-19), Sae-bom and the little girl talk to a tenant and find out the building’s gym is off-limits to renters. Happiness episode 2 then cuts to Seun-young in the room where they encountered the infected team member.

Seun-young is dodging his wife’s calls and decides to take up the reporter’s offer. He slashes his arm with a broken mirror shard and calls Sae-bom. He explains he was scratched by the team member while hiding his real wound.

Sae-bom takes Seun-young to the research base to get tested while they draw her blood. In reality, it was all a lie for Seun-young to infiltrate the facility and find evidence of the virus. When Sae-bom calls him, he explains he is doing it for his family despite the danger.

Lee Seun-young comes face to face with the infected in ‘Happiness’

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Sae-bom gathers information on where Seun-young would possibly go for evidence. She soon learns the base holds its most infected patients in a low-temperature cargo container outside. Viewers watch as Seun-young enters the containers and finds rows and rows of bodies.

In another part of the city, Yi-hyun and Tae-seok investigate possible dealers who sold the failed pneumonia pills stored at a pharmaceutical company. After meeting the supposed dealers, they learn one dealer has turned and killed his whole family. As the infected dealer attacks Yi-hyun, a detail about Tae-seok’s past is revealed.

A flashback scene reveals an infected woman chained to a hospital bed as Tae-seok struggles to pull the trigger to kill the infected dealer. Tae-seok is informed there is a situation at the research facility. Happiness episode 2 ends with armed soldiers opening the cargo container as infected victims try to clamor out. The last scene is of Seun-young huddled among them and reveals he has become infected.

Happiness is available to stream on Viki.