‘Happiness’: The Main Casts Most Recognized K-Dramas

Happiness is becoming a must-watch Korean drama that is reinventing the fear of becoming a ravenous monster. The K-drama’s main cast stars recognized actor Park Hyung-sik as detective Jung Yi-hyun alongside Han Hyo-joo as Yoon Sae-bom. The two actors play the roles of a detective and special ops officer who help look for the cure behind a viral outbreak in the aftermath of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Park and Jung are joined by an ensemble cast as its main storyline revolves around the residential building where Yi-hyun and Hyo-joo live. Happiness’s main cast is a spectacle of talent with actors from well-known dramas.

Actors Lee Jun-hyeok and Park Hyun-sik for 'Happiness' main cast holding up heart fingers.
Actors Lee Jun-hyeok and Park Hyun-sik for ‘Happiness’ main cast | via tvN

Actor Lee Jun-hyeok has played notorious guest roles in K-dramas

Actor Lee stars in Happiness’s main cast as Kim Jung-kook, a detective and Yi-hyun’s partner. The character gets caught up in Yi-hyun and Sae-bom’s investigation and is trapped in the residential building by episode 4. The actor has had an impressive career in movies and dramas.

In Woo Do-hwan’s K-drama Mad Dog, he played the role of Jo Han-woo. Shortly after, he appeared in the historical K-drama 100 Days my Prince as Park Bok-eun. In 2019, Lee starred in two riveting thriller drama’s Doctor Prisoner and The Lies Within. Fans of Shin Won-ho’s Racket Boys would remember Lee in his cameo appearance in episode 6.

Joo Woo-jin stars in ‘Happiness’ main cast as Han Tae-seok

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Han Tae-seok is one of the K-drama’s leading characters played by actor Joo Woo-jin. Since episode 1, Tae-seok is in charge of containing and finding the cure for the viral outbreak. The mysterious character has dark secrets up his sleeve. Besides Happiness, Jo is also recognized for other K-drama roles.

In 2016, he starred as Kim Do-young in the most-talked-about drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Shortly after, he played the role of Gal Ji-seok in Chicago Typewriter. Happiness is Joo’s return to K-dramas after a three-year hiatus. Before the drama, he played English interpreter Im Gwan-soo in Mr. Sunshine.

Han Hyo-joo plays the badass female lead in the main cast for ‘Happiness’

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Actor Han has made a notable career in both movies and television. She joins the Happiness main cast as Yoo Sae-bom, a special forces officer who helps Tae-seok contain the infected. Before the K-drama, the actor took a small break. According to The Korean Herald, Han explained, “Many viewers might have been surprised with my return to the small-screen with an action thriller. I couldn’t help myself but join Happiness with an amazing director and screenwriter, Han Sang-woon.”

In her career, Han has had many notable roles as Choi Dong-yi in Dong Yi and Oh Yeon-joo in W. But in 2019, Han made the transition to American television as the character So-yun in USA’s action drama Treadstone. In 2022, she will stare in Disney+’s Moving K-drama.

‘Happiness’ is Park Hyung-sik’s first K-drama after fulfilling military service

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One of the reasons fans were excited about Happiness is because of lead actor Park Hyung-sik. Park entered the military for his mandatory service in June 2019. His last K-drama before enlistment was the 2018 Korean adaptation of the American legal series Suits.

According to Soompi, Park explained Happiness “felt different from other dramas. It was the first time in a while that I’d filmed, so I was awkward around the camera. Everyone around me teased that I was awkward and hadn’t gotten used to things yet.” Park plays the role of Jung Yi-hyun, a police detective and Sae-bom’s lifelong friend.

The actor gained notoriety as K-drama’s most swoon-worthy boyfriend in Strong Girl Bong-soon. Park also starred alongside actor Park Seo-joon in the coming-of-age historical K-drama, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth.