‘Harlots’ Season 3: Why [Spoiler] Should Have Lived

There were a few controversial deaths in season 3 of Harlots. One hit closer to home for fans than all the rest. Her death changed the course of the show and every single major character is still reeling from it. She wasn’t able to live out her full potential because her life was tragically cut short. Such a free and wonderful spirit should have lived. Read on only if you are caught up with Harlots because spoilers are ahead.

The death of a beloved character

The death of Charlotte Wells (Jessica Brown Findlay) reverberated through the streets of Greek Street long after the event occurred. Killed in an accident of epic proportions, full justice was never done. Charlotte was pushed off the railing in Lady Fitzwilliam’s (Liv Tyler) home by Hal Pincher (Ash Hunter). Her only crime was associating with his brother, Isaac Pincher (Alfie Allen), whom she was developing feelings for. They went upstairs to steal some moments alone together and Hal followed. Upset over circumstances in which Charlotte’s mother, Margaret (Samantha Morton) orchestrated, he flies into a rage at his brother and ends up pushing Charlotte to her death.

Her loss is felt by everyone

After her tragic death, everyone mourns Charlotte’s loss, even her mortal enemy, Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville). This says a lot about her character that everyone including her enemies are traumatized from her loss. Her sister, Lucy Wells (Eloise Smyth) even runs to her old home looking for Charlotte in a moment of great distress, only to remember that Charlotte is dead and gone. She can no longer support her sister through her trials and tribulations in 18th century London.

Charlotte had her whole life ahead of her

Jessica Brown Findlay
Jessica Brown Findlay | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Charlotte had a way about her that brought out the best in others. The character was just starting out as her own bawd of the house taking after her mom. She barely gets to reunite with her mother before her life is cut short. Fans were understandably upset at the death of such a beloved main character.

She was only just discovering integral parts of herself, including her budding relationship with Lady Fitzwilliam. The pair had a mutual attraction as well as connection with one another. Charlotte died before that could really see where things would lead.

Charlotte’s death changes the course of the show

Tragedy is left in the wake of Charlotte’s untimely demise. Her fellow Harlots mourn her death and miss her dearly. Nancy (Kate Fleetwood), believing that Isaac killed Charlotte, shoots and kills him in revenge for her death. She would later find out that she killed the wrong brother, but not before the deed is done.

Lucy is left without her sister or mother

After the death of Isaac, someone must pay. And Margaret, Charlotte and Lucy’s mother, decides to make the sacrifice. She heads back to America and takes the fall for Isaac’s death. Things play out rather quickly and the show is forever changed with the loss of Charlotte. Margaret is now also gone and who knows if and when she will return? Lucy is left without her mother or dear sister and ends up making some hasty decisions. The season ends with her seemingly tied to Lydia Quigley in Golden Square. That certainly would never have happened had Charlotte still been alive.

The show is changed with the loss of Charlotte. If she would have lived, she would have continued to positively affect all those around her. She was a light in a dreary world where women are treated more like property than human beings. Harlots is streaming now on Hulu.