‘Harlots’ Season 3: Will Lady Fitz Ever Reunite With Her Daughter?

Lady Fitzwilliam (Liv Tyler) is determined to get her daughter back on Harlots. Sophia (Hannah Dodd) ran away with the footman, at the behest of Lady Fitz’s brother. In episode 7, Lady Fitz takes matters into her own hands and tries brazenly to take her brother headon. Will she ever reunite with her daughter and bring her home to comfort and safety?

Lady Fitz’s brother is behind Sophia’s change of character

Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler | Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

The Marquess of Blayne (Julian Rhind-Tutt) is behind Sophia’s new change of character and ultimate escape. He manipulated Edmond Turner, the man Sophia has run away with, into taking charge of Sophia. Blayne doesn’t seem to care what happens to her, and actually wants her to be put up for sale.

Blayne is scheming against Sophia when he asks Edmond, “And what of her honor, Mr. Turner?” He actually wants trouble to befall her. “It’s mine,” Turner replies. Blayne then tells him to lose at cards, and put Sophia up for sale. “But, she is your niece,” Turner says. That doesn’t seem to matter to Blayne, who is hell-bent on hurting Lady Fitz, his sister, in any way he possibly can.

Lady Fitz steals her brother’s baby

Lady Fitz decides to take her brother’s child. She reunites the child and mother, Anne (Ellie Heydon), and waits patiently for her brother’s reaction. He comes to claim the child, but Lady Fitz isn’t having any of that. Nancy (Kate Fleetwood) slaps him and has him thrown out. Blayne is known for his vengeance, so he will definitely not take this lying down. There will be some sort of a conclusion to this situation.

Lady Fitz hopes she can exchange the child for her daughter, Sophia, as she knows Blayne has something to do with her disappearance. This could very well play out in her favor. She just has to keep the child away from Blayne long enough for him to feel he has no other choice but to return Sophia to her.

Will Lady Fitz reunite with her daughter?

Lady Fitz isn’t just going to take her brother’s word for it. She learned a lot from Charlotte (Jessica Brown Findlay), who always fought for what she wanted. Their relationship forever changed her. She will stop at nothing to reunite with Sophia, one way or the other. The fact that she has the Marquess’ child is swinging the odds in her favor. He will most likely feel like he has to reveal his cards to get the child back. Blayne could decide to give Lady Fitz information in exchange for the child, which I’m sure won’t be enough to satisfy her. She will demand he bring Sophia home himself, and then she will exchange his child for her child.

Will Lady Fitz survive this?

The situation is definitely heating up on Greek Street. Blayne is a known killer, and he could decide to sacrifice his sister for his end game. He has already outrightly threatened Lydia Quigley (Lesley Manville), Kate (Daisy Head), and his sister in recent episodes alone. He will certainly take action in the next episode of Harlots. Will Lady Fitz survive her brother’s torment? Most likely, considering she is a fighter and has dealt with every other blow he has thrown her way.

Lady Fitz will hopefully reunite with her daughter soon. It’s heartbreaking to see her separated from her child. A new episode of Harlots will premiere on Wednesday.