‘Harry Potter’: Why Fans Are Fascinated By Ginny Weasley

The Harry Potter series is full of interesting characters. Yet even among them, Ginny Weasley stands out. She may not be a member of the Golden Trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. And she may not be as prominent a character as she perhaps could be, especially in the Harry Potter movies.

Yet she is a heroine in her own right and deserves appreciation. She is brave and strong, determined and feisty. Is this what makes her stand out among the crowd? You’re about to find out exactly what it is that makes Ginny such an intriguing character.

What do ‘Harry Potter’ fans love about Ginny Weasley?

Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) of Harry Potter
Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere| Jon Furniss/WireImage/Getty Images

Ginny is the youngest child in the Weasley family, and the only girl. Even amongst her six brothers, she manages to make herself heard. She grows up to be, as the official Wizarding World website describes it, “fierce.”

She has, as Wizarding World puts it, a “strong spirit” throughout the story. In fact, Harry eventually notices and begins to admire her strength and bravery. The two of them end up finally getting together during the events of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but later on have to break up. Harry realizes, after Dumbledore’s death, that he has to go after Voldemort alone and is in grave danger even more than he usually is.

He breaks up with Ginny to protect her or for, as she puts it in the book, “stupid noble reasons.” However, she understands Harry’s reasoning and accepts what he has to do. Ginny’s reaction to Harry breaking up with her shows “how emotionally mature beyond her years” she is.

Why is Ginny so important?

Ginny Weasley is an important character in Harry Potter. Not only is she a member of the Weasley family, a family that Harry sees as his own, she is Harry’s equal in every possible way. Though she is younger than Harry, she grows up to be “a hardened fighter” much like Harry himself. She also, as the Wizarding World website puts it, is “the perfect combination of all the Weasleys combined, including the irreverence of Fred and George, the good spirit of Ron, and the ferocity of Mrs Weasley.”

So essentially, she’s the perfect match for Harry. However, she’s much more than that. Ginny cannot be reduced simply to a love interest, even one for the Boy Who Lived. She grows up to be, according to Kailynn Johnson from MuggleNet, “an ambitious, fierce, and courageous woman.”

And fans get to see that development happen. That makes Ginny’s character important to many people.

Why is Ginny Weasley of ‘Harry Potter’ such a great character?

For all the reasons mentioned above and more, Ginny Weasley is a great and important part of Harry Potter. One aspect that hasn’t been mentioned yet is how persistent Ginny is. Not only with Harry, but in general. As a kid, she wasn’t allowed to play Quidditch with her brothers but this didn’t stop her.

Young Ginny “would sneak inside the broom shed, steal her brothers’ brooms, and play a game of her own.” This shows how Ginny never gives up. She is “a mover and a shaker.” Instead of waiting for others to invite her to participate, she does her own thing.

Ginny shows fans the value of making “a place” for yourself, despite what others might think. Of becoming “secure and confident in [your] own identity without relying on the influences of those who surround [you].” And for that, many fans are likely grateful. Ginny Weasley makes the world of Harry Potter brighter just by being in it, and it certainly wouldn’t be the same without her.