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Harry Potter is clearly the main character of the series that bears his name. But what is it about him that makes fans love him so much? Is it simply the fact that he is the main character? Or is it something more?

What is so special about this character? Every fan knows the story of Harry, and even some outside the fan base, due to the popularity of the Harry Potter series. Yet not everyone knows what is so special about his character.

Find out, ahead, what it is about Harry that makes him so important and special to fans.

What do ‘Harry Potter’ fans love the most about Harry?

Daniel Radcliffe at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere
Daniel Radcliffe at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere | Debra L Rothenberg/FilmMagic

According to Sarah Flowers, president of the Young Adult Library Services Association, part of the appeal of Harry lies in the fact that readers of all ages, but especially younger readers, can relate to him. Flowers states that Harry ” represented the reader. He was the every-kid.” Everyone likes a story where they can relate to the protagonist.

This is intensified by the fact that so many people grew up with Harry. As Harry got older, so did they. So now many adults who grew up with Harry are still fans to this day.

What makes Harry the most important character in the story?

Besides the fact that he’s the main character of the story, what’s so special about Harry? Well, part of it is that he’s a real underdog. He not only has to deal with the everyday problems of life and finding out that he’s a wizard, but he has to fight Voldemort, the ultimate evil in the Wizarding World.

The whole good vs evil fight also endears fans to Harry. Everyone likes to relate to someone who is on the side of good. It makes them feel warm inside and that’s always a nice feeling.

What else do fans love about Harry?

According to IGN, it’s because J.K. Rowling “was careful to not make Harry perfect.” No one likes a character that has no flaws, because they don’t feel real. Harry is definitely realistic and therefore fans love him because of that.

Harry’s flaws include his temper and sometimes ignoring the advice of his friends. He makes mistakes, and that only makes him more interesting and important as a character. The more realistic Harry is, the more people relate to him. And the more people can relate to a character, the more they can love them.

In addition to his flaws, Harry has many strengths. He is a character that is easy to sympathize with. He’s usually very honest. Harry is very loyal to those he cares about, always being there for them and helping them to the best of his ability.

He is also a very friendly person, making friends easily and keeping them for a long time, often his whole life. All of the qualities mentioned above, from the fact that Harry is easy to relate to, up to and including his flaws and strengths, come together to make him a special and intriguing character. Everybody loves Harry for a good reason. If he was real and you met him, you’d probably love him too.