Harry Styles Says ‘As It Was’ Is ‘About Metamorphosis’

Harry Styles released his third studio album Harry’s House on May 20. Before the album officially dropped, Styles released a single called “As It Was,” ushering in his new musical era. In an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition, Styles discussed Harry’s House and “As It Was.”

Harry Styles onstage at the the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival
Harry Styles | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Harry Styles

What Harry Styles thinks of his song ‘As It Was’

Styles released “As It Was” on April 1, along with a music video for the single. Following its release, “As It Was” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition, Styles described the message behind “As It Was.”

“It’s about metamorphosis, losing yourself, finding yourself. Embracing the fact that life hits you at different times, not when you expect it. That’s wonderful, but with these wonderful things comes some complex emotional journey[s],” the singer said.

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What ‘Harry’s House’ is about

Harry’s House is a dance-pop album that also incorporates folk, soul, and R&B elements. The album is Styles’ third studio album and his first album since 2019. The narrative of Harry’s House follows Styles as he works to heal and find where his home truly is.

Speaking on NPR’s Morning Edition, Styles revealed what “home” means to him.

“I think for me home is just about friends. While this is such a personal album, and so much about my own journey finding a place of home, I also feel like it’s very much dedicated to my friends,” Styles shared.

He continued, “I always felt like I would land in a certain place, or a certain house and feel like ‘Oh, this is the home I’ve been searching for.’ And I think, much like happiness, that isn’t necessarily a final resting place and it is a journey and it’s kind of peaks and troughs of happiness, sadness – all of the things that make you feel alive.”

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The singer has a certain viewpoint about making music

Styles has been active in the music industry for many years, and he has been a solo artist since the release of his 2017 album Harry Styles.

In the NPR Morning Edition interview, Styles also shared how he views making music. Recently, he has been learning how to separate his job from his personality.

“I think because I started so young, it became kind of like – that’s who I am. I don’t know if I ever stopped for long enough to realize what I was if I didn’t do it. But I think getting to a place where I feel like, ‘This is what I do and I love it, but it’s not necessarily who I am.’ Just feels like a much healthier place to be operating from and making music from,” Styles said.

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