Have Any ‘NCIS’ Stars Broken Gibbs’s Infamous Rule #12 and Dated Their Co-Stars?

CBS launched NCIS in 2003 and the series, created by Donald P. Bellisario, is preparing to air its 18th season this year. The award-winning show captures the action and drama that happens at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service headquarters.

The procedural drama has attracted a tremendous amount of followers and fans over the years. Mark Harmon, Brian Dietzen, and Emily Wickersham are just a few of the talented individuals who have been cast on NCIS over the past 18 seasons.

All the characters on NCIS have most likely at one point or another been subjected to Agent Gibbs’ antics as well as his rules. Take a look back at some of Gibbs’ most popular rules and see if anyone has dared to break #12. 

What exactly are Agent Gibbs’ rules on ‘NCIS’?

NCIS Mark Harmon
‘NCIS’ star Mark Harmon | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

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Viewers and fans of NCIS are very familiar with Agent Gibbs and his rigid rulebook that guides his work and team. Some of the agent’s rules have become more popular than others over the past decade.

For instance, rule #10 cautions from getting involved in a case on a personal level. Number 18 is a reflection of Gibbs’s rebellious nature: “It’s better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.”

Gibbs seems to have a rule for everything. “Never believe what you are told. Double Check,” comes in at rule #3. This trusty guide continues to be referenced in the series as Gibbs and his team navigates work cases and personal matters. 

What is one of Agent Gibbs’s most notorious rules? 

It is hard to remember all of Agent Gibbs’s rules, but there is one rule that generally sticks out amongst the rest. Historically speaking Gibbs has always felt very strongly about rule #12.

This particular stipulation forbids coworkers from dating. However, on the series, fans and audiences did witness some rule-breaking. 

Have any of the ‘NCIS’ stars ever broken Agent Gibbs’s infamous rule in real life?

Viewers of NCIS may be wondering if this rule applies in real life, especially considering some of the connections the audience has seen on screen. 

Cote de Pablo appeared on NCIS in season 3. De Pablo was cast as Agent Ziva David. It soon became evident that Pablo’s character had undeniable chemistry with Michael Weatherly’s character, Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. For many, many seasons fans and viewers of NCIS anxiously watched wondering if the pair would ever actually get together. Finally, in season 11, the two share an intimate moment together.

As fans already know, Ziva gives birth to Tony’s baby. Unfortunately, things get complicated when Ziva is forced to fake her own death. Luckily, after much distress, turmoil, and time, Ziva, Tony, and their child are able to be together as family.

With such a lengthy and in-depth storyline, some viewers may be wondering if the two have ever had a romantic off-screen relationship, and the answer is no. Weatherly and Pablo are no longer active members of the cast, but they have both admitted to being very good friends.

Sean Murray, Pablo and Weatherly’s co-star from their time on NCIS, has also spoken about his relationship with de Pablo and has shared that it is like a close sibling relationship. Even though the NCIS cast has had a slip up on rule # 12 on set, they have yet to cross the line in real life.  

Fans of NCIS are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the new season. Though no official date has been released, CBS has announced the cast’s plan to return to film. Hopefully, Agent Gibbs will continue to keep his team in-check with his trusty rules.