Have Beyoncé and Jay-Z Turned Blue Ivy Into a Total Diva?

It seems as if Beyoncé and Jay-Z have cracked the code when it comes to keeping their family together simply by living on the road together. You can argue this is how they’ve kept their marriage going, including a close bond with their kids. Even so, when your kids are constantly in the middle of your lifestyle, there’s always a risk of what they’ll become.

Such is the rumored case of their most famous daughter, Blue Ivy. Some say latter is turning into a bit of a diva based solely on how Bey and Jay-Z have spoiled their daughter.

This may be easy to assume. Let’s see if it’s just another exaggeration based on oversimplified facts.

You can argue hiring a stylist for a preschooler is a diva primer

Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy Carter | C Flanigan/FilmMagic

One criticism fans of Beyoncé have called out is her hiring a personal stylist and personal shopper for Blue Ivy. How many six-year-olds in the world can say they have their own stylist to help them dress for public events?

While other superstars have shielded their kids from cameras and the general limelight, Bey and Jay-Z seemed to have let Blue Ivy naturally gravitate to the public eye. Considering they bring her with them during their lengthy tours, it’s given Blue a chance to see and learn about the world.

She’s also attended numerous award shows and other events where she always looks more stylish than her parents. Many would say she looks like a Mini Bey, which could mean her turning into a duplicate of her mom when she grows up.

If you think these are the only things slowly turning Blue Ivy into a potential diva, it’s really only the start. Is this a dangerous trend, or do Blue’s parents feel it’s necessary to become an entertainer?

How do fans feel about Blue Ivy being this spoiled?

Opinion from Bey’s fans is usually supportive, and they’ve been known to praise her for her attention in teaching Blue Ivy manners. Regardless, you still see fans on social media who complain Blue has shown evidence of bossing her parents around.

Most of this took place last year after the Grammy Awards when the camera caught Blue waving her arm at her mom and dad to not applaud during Camila Cabello’s introduction of U2.

More than a few fans went on social media to accuse Blue of being so entitled, she’s giving direction to her parents on proper award show behavior. Child psychologists were quick to point out she’s only 6 and learning how to express herself.

If even Jay-Z once said he worried Blue would become the most spoiled kid ever, they may merely be preparing her for the perils of showbiz.

Will Blue Ivy become a notable performer like her mom and dad?

You can still argue being a music superstar requires numerous handlers working for you so you can take care of things quickly without worry of things descending into chaos.

All indications show Blue was ready for the spotlight from the get-go, proving she might end up becoming a performer before she’s even a teenager. Should this happen, having the knowledge in how to succeed will probably be advantageous. What we don’t want to see is complete reliance on handlers to a point where they become Yes Men and Women who let her get away with doing anything she wants.

Bey seems to have made a strong effort to instill a strong set of ethics into their daughter. Having this foundation probably makes being a diva a little less likely to involve temper tantrums when things don’t go exactly as planned.