Have Mercy! The Best ‘Full House’ Catchphrases, Ranked

There are plenty of characters living in the Tanner house. With dozens of episodes released, as well as the spinoff series in Netflix, each of the characters adopted their own catchphrases. Albeit, some lines are more iconic than others. Here are a few of the catchphrases from the sitcom, Full House, ranked. 

Oh, Mylanta!

Going on a date with a cute boy? Test is coming up that you forgot to study for? DJ’s “oh mylanta” came up quite a few times throughout Full House. This catchphrase technically came from a commercial at the time, where whenever something stressful would happen the character shouted, “oh mylanta,” implying they have stomach pains.

Even as an adult, DJ would say her iconic catchphrase from time to time. That is, on the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House, where DJ Tanner returned as a single working mother living in her childhood home with Stephanie and Kimmy.

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Uncle Jesse’s ‘have mercy’

What better way to say you love a kiss than with the catchphrase, “have mercy.” Although Uncle Jesse used this on a few different girls, he eventually settled down with Rebecca Donaldson, starting a family of his own. 

Of course, Uncle Jesse had a love for his hair like no other character. He’d brush it, mousse it, dye it, and anything else to get it looking so perfect. That resulted in his second catchphrase, prompted whenever someone touched it — “Not the hair! Watch the hair!”

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Stephanie’s ‘how rude’

She loves to dance and she loves her stuffed animal Mr. Bear. Even though Stephanie Tanner is the middle child, she’s always there to steal the spotlight. One of her catchphrases appears during the early seasons of Full House and continues throughout Stephanie’s adulthood — “how rude!”

The cast of 'Full House'
The cast of ‘Full House’ | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘You got it, dude!’

She might’ve been the youngest of the Tanner siblings, but almost as soon as she could talk, she was shouting out this catchphrase. Michelle Tanner’s “you got it, dude,” became one of the most popular lines from the series, even being said a few times by her older sister, Stephanie Tanner. 

Michelle did have a few other catchphrases used throughout the series. There was “you’re in big trouble, mister,” “no way, josé,” “oh please,” and the ever effective “duh.” For some fans, though, “you got it, dude,” is still the most iconic line from this character.

The honorable mention for catchphrases goes to Joey, who often says “cut it out” during his comedy bits. He also has plenty of wood-related jokes lined up, for when he’s working as Ranger Joe with his puppet.

To watch John Stamos, Candace Cameron Bure, and other cast members in Full House, fans can head to Hulu, where every episode of the sitcom is available for binge-watching. Episodes of this Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform.

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