Have NBA Star J.R. Smith and His Wife Reconciled After His Affair With Actress Candice Patton?

J.R. Smith had a rough December. The NBA star came under fire after his alleged affair with The Flash actress, Candice Patton, was made public. With the exception of J.R. claiming he and his wife, Jewel, were separated, he’s opted to remain silent. Jewel recently posted a photo to Instagram and J.R.’s response to the photo has onlookers wondering if they’ve reconciled.

J.R. Smith and Jewel Smith with their children
J. R. Smith and Jewel Smith with their children 2016 | David Livingston/Getty Images

J.R. Smith’s wife Jewel accuses him of affair with actress Candice Patton

J.R. and Jewel Smith have been married since August 2016 and share three kids together. The couple have endured hard times, including the premature birth of their last daughter Dakota, who spent months in the hospital after she was born at just 21 weeks and weighed a little over one pound. It seemed the couple could get over any hurdle until tumors swirled that J.R. was dating Patton. 

Candice Patton
Candice Patton 2019 | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The NBA star follows Patton on social media and has liked and commented on her posts several times. There were even speculations that they were living together when a video of J.R. showing him walking what looked like Patton’s dog was generating around the net.

Following the reports, Jewel posted a nine-minute video filmed from her car where she spoke about her mental state. In the lengthy video, Jewel prays for the restoration of her marriage and family and refers to Patton by name. “My husband, he’s hurting and Candice, she’s hurting … For her to go out here, Father God, and seek a married man, I just pray that you give her grace and mercy through all of this,” Jewel said in the video.

Source: Instagram

She also admits that social media followers have been notifying her of J.R.’s whereabouts with Patton. The YBF reposted the video to their YouTube account.

Source: YouTube

Jewel received an outpouring of support, including from LeBron Jame’s wife, Savannah, who commented on the video, writing, “Amen. I love you sis”

J.R. Smith and his wife have allegedly reconciled following his affair with Candice Patton

J.R. responded to Jewel’s IG meltdown with an Instagram post of his own. “IG Ain’t A Place For Relationships,” he wrote in a post shared to his story. “But God Told Me To Tell Y’all I’ve Been Separated For Months. He Doesn’t Understand Why His Child Failed To Mention That… #ThatsAll.” Fans didn’t believe J.R., considering he and Jewel were seen together as recently as Oct. 2019, just two months before the scandal broke.

He was also about the toll the ordeal took on him. Over the Christmas holiday, J.R. admitted he was struggling. When a follower asked how his Christmas was, he responded by saying, “It a one of the hardest Christmas’s I’ve had but we still pushing!” Most assumed it was the first holiday season he’d spent without his family.

Another person asked, “How are you doing with everything you have going on?” J.R. responded, “I take everything day by day! Can’t rush your own progress.” “Are you happy,” asked another. J.R.admitted, “Not truly but I’m working on it,” he said.

Jewel also posted photos of her and their children over the holiday break with a noticeably absent J.R.

Source: Instagram

Both J.R. and Jewel took breaks from social media following the scandal to handle the matter personally. It appears they may have been working towards a reconciliation or at minimum, a cordial co-parenting relationship during their social media hiatus. Jewell resurfaced on Instagram with a series of smiling photos accompanied by the caption, “A Phenomenal Proverbial Woman I AM.” 

Source: Instagram

J.R. showed Jewel some love by liking the photo. Whether they are back together or not, it’s a huge progression at least publicly from where they were weeks ago.