Have the Kardashian-Jenners Become Too Unrelatable? Some Fans Think So

If the United States has anything comparable to a royal family, it would be the Kardashians. They’ve amassed more fortune and fame than the average person could ever dream of, and yet, most of that success happened because they made themselves a flawless standard for millions to imitate.

Their reality show and intimate social media accounts made them seem like real women. And if the Kardashians could build such a glamorous life, why couldn’t anyone else? 

But after 12 years on TV, the Kardashians are losing their power over the public. They built their empire by being relatable but with so much fame and fortune, is the Kardashian lifestyle so far removed from average that we can no longer relate to them? 

The Kardashians became successful because they were relatable

Kylie Jenner at the Met Gala
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When Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered on TV, it was a breath of fresh air. Their target audience was watching shows like Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life, and in comparison, the Kardashians were smart. They had thicker bodies and dark complexions, which made them seem like real women – The type of woman that you might meet in real life. We loved the Kardashians because they were relatable. 

Not only did the Kardashians seem like real women, but the family is so large, it’s easy to find a favorite. The family “momager” Kris Jenner commented on this phenomenon during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Everyone can relate to someone in my family,” she said.

Each sister has a distinct personality, and when fans watch the show, they can almost always see themselves in at least one family member. 

While the Kardashians have never hidden their wealth, they also don’t hide their flaws. You can regularly find pictures online of Kardashian cellulite, but they’ve proved to us that they’re experts at transformation. They have to work hard using diet, exercise, and makeup to create the image you see, but they’re not afraid to share their secrets.

The Kardashian social media accounts exploded thanks in large part to their make-up tutorials. 

The Kardashian lifestyle has become unreachable

The Kardashians have always been a wealthy family. Their father, Robert Kardashian was a lawyer for the rich and famous in Los Angeles. In fact, the family name first came into the spotlight when he signed on to defend O.J. Simpson during his infamous murder trial. But over the last 12 years that Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been on TV, their wealth has increased by a massive amount. 

After the release of her sex tape, Kim Kardashian was known as a minor celebrity. Her sisters were even less known, especially Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who were still children. However, now, almost everyone in the world knows every member of the family. According to Celebrity Net Worth, today Kim is worth $350 million. That’s more than most people could ever imagine. 

But the real transformation in this family is Kylie. When the show began, she was just nine years old. Now, she’s a full-grown woman, an entrepreneur, and a billionaire. 

Today, most members of the family spend their time in constant media interviews, celebrity parties, or displaying their massive wealth. They spend far less time appearing like average people, and that’s a problem for the success of their show. 

Fans think the Kardashians are unrelatable

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Fans are starting to pull away from the Kardashians. Unfortunately, they’ve become too successful for their own good. Fans just can’t relate to their lavish lifestyle any longer. A recent discussion on Reddit proved this point. 

“I think the problem with the show is it’s just so far from what it used to be- we as viewers can hardly relate to them anymore so the show has lost much of its entertainment value,” one user wrote. 

“They aren’t relatable anymore and TBH I feel like the longer the show goes on, the more unlikeable some of them seem,” another wrote. 

In general, fans seem to believe that the Kardashians will need to make some big format changes if they want to stay on-air. The old formula is no longer working because their lifestyle has changed so drastically.

If they can figure out a way to reconnect with their audience soon, most fans want to stick around. But trying to force the old format will only end in disaster