Have You Spotted This ‘New Girl’ actor in ‘Gilmore Girls’?

The iconic Gilmore Girls is one of those shows that almost begs fans to watch it over and over again. Viewers are pretty much assured of seeing something new each time they tune in for another journey with Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore. What you might not have noticed is just how many stars had a part in the show, in some cases, long before they became famous. One New Girl, character, for example, shows up in Gilmore Girls, and the character he portrays is the exact type of person his New Girl persona hated.

Schmidt makes an appearance on Gilmore Girls

Schmidt, portrayed by Max Greenfield, might have been a fussy California-based marketing guru in New Girl, but years before he landed his breakout role, he had a small part in Gilmore Girls. Greenfield actually portrayed a friend of Dean Forrester, Rory’s first boyfriend.

Greenfield showed up as Luke, one of Dean’s groomsmen and a member of the most budget bachelor party ever thrown. He is seen walking into Luke’s Diner, with Dean, Kyle, and a group of rowdy revelers. In the scene, Greenfield’s character informs Luke Danes that they share a name, and even suggests they should start a club.

Later Greenfield’s character is the first to recognize that Dean, in a drunken state, says Rory’s name, foreshadowing the following season’s affair, according to the MarySue. As everyone knows, Dean’s marriage to Lindsay ended when she finds out he slept with Rory during the Dragonfly’s soft opening.

Funnily enough, Greenfield’s New Girl character would have hated his Gilmore Girls character

Schmidt was a little bit fussy. He enjoyed a well-tailored suit, high-end furniture, and a tidy home. Schmidt, in every way possible, could not have been further from Greenfield’s character on Gilmore Girls. In the episode, the younger Luke appeared disheveled and was totally on board with the idea of a bachelor party consisting of beers in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Schmidt would have never gone for such a shindig, in fact, he probably wouldn’t have gone for it even when he was in college.

In fact, the lavish party Schmidt threw for his tin anniversary with his roommate, Nick Miller, was more extravagant than Dean and Lindsay’s actual wedding. His Gilmore Girls character is exactly like the “street youths” Schmidt was always so concerned about, and Schmidt wouldn’t have ever walked into a place like Stars Hollow, even though he was an East Coast native.

Several stars seemingly got their start on Gilmore Girls

Greenfield isn’t the only star to get their start on Gilmore Girls. The show actually gave several current-day stars some of their earliest acting credits. Victoria Justice, who is best known for her roles on Zoey 101 and Victorious, can be seen in an early episode of Gilmore Girls. In the episode, Justice plays a party-goer at a Lord of the Rings birthday bash that Sookie St. James and Lorelai Gilmore cater.

Before Jane Lynch took on the role of Sue Sylvester on Glee, Lynch played the part of an irritated nurse Gilmore Girls. She appears in the first season episode in which Richard Gilmore is admitted to the hospital. Her role was small, but she delivered her lines with the dripping sarcasm, reminiscent of her later characters.

Danny Pudi, Nick Offerman, and Billy Burke also showed up as minor characters in the series. While none reprised their small roles for the revival, A Year in the Life, it could still happen. Apparently, there is a possibility that a second revival could be coming to the small screen on a streaming service eventually, although no official deal has been reached, according to Screenrant.