HBO’s ‘Euphoria’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: The Next Episode

Just when you thought Euphoria couldn’t get any crazier, it does. It’s Halloween for Rue, Jules, and the rest of the gang. That means over-the-top costumes, parties, and, of course, drama. Here are a few details you might have missed from this week’s episode of HBO’s Euphoria, entitled “The Next Episode.”

This article contains spoilers from sixth episode of HBO’s Euphoria!

HBO Euphoria
Actor Algee Smith | Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for HBO

Episode 6 of ‘Euphoria’ was Chris McKay’s story

Viewers first met Christopher McKay at his party during the first episode. He seemed respectful enough, initially telling Nate not to catcall Jules. But then again, anyone looks good next to Nate Jacobs. During the beginning of episode 6, Rue gave fans a closer look into the early life as McKay. From training to play football as a kid, to signing as a D1 athlete, to being benched as a college athlete, we see McKay slowly decline from a hardworking, ambitious, optimistic athlete to a drained first-year student, who gets hazed by his teammates.

Again, viewers see the influence of toxic masculinity creeping into the character’s lives. After frat boys run into McKay’s room as he’s with Cassie, the athlete runs to the bathroom to cry, only to come out, stoic-faced, and ready to prove his self-worth via Cassie. You can guess how that makes her feel.

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Things between Jules and Nate got more complicated

Back with Rue, things are getting a little more complicated with Jules. When the two walk over to a Halloween party with Lexi, Cassie, and Kat, Rue realizes something is wrong when Jules starts excessively drinking. She’s worried to ask, out of fear of damaging their already precarious relationship. When she talks to Fez being clean and inadvertently about Jules, she describes her sober life as a new drug. The highs are high, but the lows are low.

Also at this Halloween party is Kat, who meets up with her vampire lab partner. McKay swings by to talk to Cassie, but thankfully he’s stopped by Lexi. Most surprisingly, Nate and Maddy arrive at the party together.

Viewers find out that Nate coerced Jules into telling that cops Tyler was the one who grabbed Maddy at the carnival. You remember Tyler — the guy Nate beat up for “raping Maddy.” And poor, poor Tyler. The boy, dressed in his neck brace, sporting a detached retina, is forced to confess a crime at the police station. Nate gets off scot-free.

Back at the Halloween party, Cassie blows off some steam with a boy named Daniel — the same Daniel she makes out with on the merry-go-round at the carnival. They start kissing and when Daniel tries to take it further, Cassie turns him away, saying they can’t have sex together. Why not? Daniel asks. It’s not like he wants to hear her talk about her boyfriend. In fact, Daniel says, any guy who says he’s interested in her beyond sleeping with her is lying.

Cassie leaves the party, thankfully not running into McKay along the way, and grabs a bottle of wine from her sleeping mother. As Cassie drinks the wine, she glances at a box of tampons and realizes she might have bigger problems.

What will happen on the next episode of HBO’s ‘Euphoria’?

In the teaser for next week, fans learned that the episode follows Cassie’s life. Even though her family isn’t perfect, Rue explains, she always was. Fans saw scenes of her figure skating as a young girl, then snuggling against McKay as a teenager. Fans also saw Jules meet up with a friend, later whispering with Rue.

“Life was always this way,” Rue says. “One endless, suffocating loop.”

The promo for episode 7 reminds viewers that there are only two episodes left. Then, fans will have to wait until the second season premieres to learn more about Rue, Jules, and their friends.

New episodes of Euphoria premiere on HBO and HBO Go Sunday nights.