Will There Be a ‘Heartbreakers’ Sequel? Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants to See Page’s ‘Worst Nightmare’

These days, sequels to older, popular films are all the rage. Jennifer Love Hewitt definitely isn’t opposed to reprising her role in one of her ’00s hits, Heartbreakers. In fact, she knows exactly what she’d like to explore in the movie regarding her character, Page.

Jennifer Love Hewitt played Page in ‘Heartbreakers’

Jennifer Love Hewitt attends the 'Heartbreakers' Hollywood Premiere on March 19, 2001.
Jennifer Love Hewitt attends the ‘Heartbreakers’ Hollywood Premiere on March 19, 2001. | Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

Hewitt portrayed Page in the rom-com, which premiered in March 2001. Page works with her mother, Max (Sigourney Weaver), as a con artist. Max meets a wealthy man, gets him to fall in love with her, and then, right after they get married, Page seduces him. Then the pair run away with their divorce settlement.

Page wants to break off on her own, but Max convinces her to do one last con together. However, everything that can go wrong does go wrong. One hiccup includes Page falling in love with Jack, a bar owner who she plans to scheme on the side. The movie opened at No. 1 at the box office its opening weekend.

She looks back on the role fondly

A decade later, Hewitt reflected on the film, which she told Vulture was “a really cool opportunity to play something that I hadn’t played before.” (She rose to prominence in teen roles such as Party of Five and the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies.)

But acting opposite huge movie stars like Weaver truly set Heartbreakers apart. “I always felt like I was like the random person who won the radio contest to do a part in a big movie,” Hewitt said. “Every time I looked around, there was this amazing person that I was getting to work with.”

‘Heartbreakers’ could have been very different

Sigourney Weaver (R) and Jennifer Love Hewitt act in a scene from 'Heartbreakers'
Sigourney Weaver (R) and Jennifer Love Hewitt act in a scene from ‘Heartbreakers’ | Murray Close/MGM Pictures

For a studio production like Heartbreakers, any number of popular actors at the time could have portrayed Max and Page. Hewitt revealed a few of them. “At one point, they talked about Cher and Cameron Diaz, which I think would have been really cool,” she began.

“They talked about Jamie Lee Curtis at one point,” she continued. “I want to say Christina Ricci’s name came up. I think it was Christina Ricci and Anjelica Huston, which also would have been amazing.” Hewitt added, “I still don’t know why they settled on me and Sigourney, but I’m so glad that they did.”

What Hewitt wants to see in a ‘Heartbreakers’ sequel

As with many rom-coms of the era, there have been talks surrounding a Heartbreakers sequel and what that could look like. Hewitt notes that “it’s really been in the last five years” that these conversations have occurred, with her character moving into the mother role and how that would play out.

“I’ve always been really open to doing that and exploring that, but it just never happened,” Hewitt explained. “It would be interesting to see how much Page turned out like her mother. That would be her worst nightmare, but it’s inevitable.”

Hewitt would love to explore how Max and Page’s relationship has changed over the past two decades. But while she’s happy to resume her role, there will have to be one adjustment for her character. “I’m in my 40s, so I’m not going to do [Page’s] wardrobe again right now,” she noted of the outfits she wore in the film.