‘Heartstopper’: Kit Connor Jokes Joe Locke’s Coffee Obsession Sometimes Ruined Their Kissing Scenes

Netflix’s Heartstopper has taken over as one of the most resonating LGBTQ series of the year so far. It centers on a year 10 openly gay student who finds friendship and growing feelings for the school’s top rugby player. Based on a graphic novel series, Heartstopper does not shy away from kissing scenes or romance. Leading actor Kit Connor jokes his co-star Joe Locke drank coffee at the worst possible times when it came to their kiss scenes.

[Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Heartstopper.]

Actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke for 'Heartstopper' in relation to kiss scenes wearing school uniform.
Actors Kit Connor and Joe Locke for ‘Heartstopper’ | via Netflix

‘Heartstopper’ follows the story of Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson as they discover their true feelings

Young adult writer Alice Oseman created the original story. Netflix developed her stories into a series of the same name titled Heartstopper. The series and novels focus on a sweet, kind-hearted, and openly gay character named Charlie Spring, played by Locke. Despite being confident in his sexuality, Charlie experiences bullying and his boyfriend hiding their relationship.

Everything changes when he is seated next to his new deskmate Nick Nelson, played by Connor. Nick, by all accounts, is the macho rugby player. But Charlie starts to develop a crush thanks to Nick’s kindness toward him. Charlie’s friend warns him Nick may not feel the same, but Charlie holds on to hope.

He starts to fall in love, and Nick opens his eyes to his own sexuality and his feelings for Charlie. Heartstopper is inarguably one of the sweetest yet resonating LGBTQ stories of young love, coming-of-age, and is not shy with the swoon-worthy kiss scenes. Behind the kissing scenes, Connor jokes they were not always lovely due to Locke’s affection for coffee.

Kit Connor teased Joe Locke about his love for coffee when it came to their kissing scenes in ‘Heartstopper’

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In an interview with Attitude Magazine, Locke confesses to something almost everyone can relate to. He is unable to function without a cup of coffee. It was one of the first things he would do when he got to the set of Heartstopper. But Connor jokes his affection for a cup of coffee on the set of Heartstopper was not optimal for their kissing scenes.

“It did mean there were a couple of kissing scenes where I was punished deeply,” said Connor. Locke defends himself saying he had chewing gum. Connor recounts that chewing gum was not present when Locke was caught off guard for a surprise kissing scene rehearsal. It just so happens Locke had a fresh cup of coffee in his hand.

Connor jokes it was “difficult” for him and says, “And I thought maybe I should next time get an egg salad sandwich or something like that and have it right before.”

In an interview with Still Watching Netflix, the two actors talk about getting comfortable with the more emotional scenes. Connor explains he would crack jokes to ease the tension and says, “For example, if we had a kissing scene, I would quite often say that Joe has stinky breathe.”

Fans are over the moon with the realistic intimacy between Charlie and Nick in ‘Heartstopper’

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Oseman explained in an interview with Seanzwriters that romance and intimacy were needed to tell Charlie and Nick’s story. Fans could not help but squeal at the subtle looks, touches, grazes, and kiss scenes between the characters in Heartstopper.

A fan on Twitter comments, “heartstopper is the best example of intimacy is not always about sex, it’s about truth. when you realize you can tell someone your truth, show yourself, stand in front of them bare and their response would be ‘you’re safe with me,’ that’s intimacy.”

The kiss scenes in Heartstopper were not just important for Nick and Charlie but for Tara, played by Corinna Brown, and Darcy, played by Kizzy Edgell. They are dating and are not afraid of being who they are. They decide not to shy away from being public and share a kiss on the dance floor in the series.

A fan on Twitter comments, “sobbed many times during this scene omygod, the pacing the colors the lights the music the kiss and the joy and sheer clarity it gives nick was so beautiful, another reason to watch heartstopper!” It is still comical to know that behind some of Nick and Charlie’s kissing scenes in Heartstopper was Locke ready with a cup of coffee.

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