‘The Bachelor’: Heather Martin Should Have Listened to Becca Tilley’s Advice Before Returning to the Show

If there’s one thing viewers have learned from watching The Bachelor this season, it’s that the contestants do not appreciate when new women are added to the mix. The latest person to join the show weeks into filming is Heather Martin, who appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor as well. After the women saw Heather walk into the Nemacolin resort, they discussed among themselves how upset they were. They noted her possible pre-existing connection with Matt James through mutual friend Hannah Brown. Heather isn’t the only one to come back on the reality television show for a second shot at love — Becca Tilley did it too, and she had some advice for Heather in a tweet.

Heather Martin arrives to The Bachelor Season 23
Heather Martin | Rick Rowell/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Becca Tilley appeared on two seasons of ‘The Bachelor’

Tilley is a longtime fan-favorite from The Bachelor shows. She appeared on both Chris Soules’ season and Ben Higgins’ season of the reality television dating show. Tilley made it all the way to the end of Soules’ season. He chose Whitney Bischoff at the end, instead.

Tilley surprised the audience when she returned a year later to compete for Higgins’ heart on The Bachelor. She joined the season from the start, showing that she was just as serious about the process as all the other contestants, even if she had an edge for already knowing how the show works. Tilley didn’t end up with Higgins, but she made it to the top five.

Heather Martin appeared for the second time on the ‘The Bachelor’

On the Feb. 8 episode of The Bachelor, Heather arrived at the Nemacolin resort to meet Matt. She walked in on one-on-one time Matt had with Pieper James and asked if she could speak to him. He replied by laughing.

Matt quickly apologized to Pieper, saying that he needed a couple of minutes to talk to Heather. Once Pieper left the room, Matt and Heather embraced in a hug and laughed about the situation.

Pieper left the room visibly upset. She told the contestants that Heather interrupted her alone time with Matt.

“I’ve been waiting all week to have a conversation with this guy who I just told that I’m falling in love with him, so this would be a really good time to plan my life with this dude,” Pieper said in a confessional interview. “Then this random *ss girl walks in.”

The contestants discussed how they didn’t like the situation that another woman was joining the competition after they already dealt with the addition of five new women weeks into production.

Becca Tilley offered advice to Heather Martin in deleted tweet


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Tilley took to her Twitter account during the Feb. 8 episode airing to give her thoughts on the situation. Tilley offered behind-the-scenes information on what she did to avoid this scenario herself in a since-deleted tweet posted to Reddit.

“When I was called about coming back to be on Ben’s season, I said I would only come if I could start from the beginning with everyone else…and this Heather situation is the exact reason,” Tilley said.

It’s possible if Heather had joined the cast from the start, she wouldn’t be getting this much heat from the other contestants for being someone who already “had her time” as Jessenia Cruz said.

Heather’s status on the show as a contestant is still to be determined — the Feb. 8 episode ended with a cliffhanger as to whether Matt will keep Heather on or not. But if the teaser clip for the Feb. 15 episode is any indication, it appears that Heather gets an even tougher reception upon her arrival than already shown.