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Heidi Klum is about to return for the latest season of America’s Got Talent later this month. Her return to the show in the previous season marks a reboot, of sorts, of her life.

The celebrity is back in her old spot as a judge on the popular show. Not long before her revived interest in the show, she married Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz and appears to be having a wonderful time with him. All three of her husbands, past and present, have very different personalities, and the engagement rings they gave Klum prove it.

Heidi Klum smiling
Heidi Klum | Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Klum has received three very different engagement rings over the years

Klum and Kaulitz’s easygoing relationship marks the supermodel’s third marriage. Her first, to hairstylist Ric Pipino, was the most low-key. The two were very private, and haven’t revealed much about each other. MSN reports that he proposed with an understated gold, diamond, and emerald ring.

Klum’s second husband, the singer Seal, was much more in the public eye thanks to the massive fame of both celebrities. He proposed in 2004 with a striking, large oval yellow diamond ring. That dramatic ring was presented in a dramatic fashion, on a glacier in British Columbia.

It came as a shock when the couple divorced in 2012. They have four children together and have remained amicable since. Seal even appeared on America’s Got Talent as a surprise guest alongside Klum. The pair were as friendly and chatty as ever, with no signs of any hostility. They’re clearly a good match for raising kids together and being friends, if not in marriage.

Kaulitz presented a ring with a vibe somewhere in between Klum’s previous engagement bands. It, too, has a prominent oval shape. But the stone is entirely different from previous rings. He went with a dark alexandrite, with hand-selected diamonds accentuating it. The ring was a custom job from beginning to end. The guitarist put his artistic skills to work, starting with a design he personally drew. 

Heidi Klum married Tom Kaulitz in 2019

Kaulitz was a long-established rock star by the time he and Klum began dating in 2018. While he is just 32 — a sizable age gap compared to his wife at 48 — his band started in 2001. Their biggest global hits took off when the members were still teenagers.

Klum wasn’t aware of his music when the two met, though. They met through a mutual friend who worked on Germany’s Got Talent and hit it off. While Kaulitz’s band has always maintained a level of popularity, Klum discovered his music while the two were dating in 2018.

Since getting married in 2019, they regularly appear in public together looking smitten. The Daily Mail reports that they were most recently seen sharing pizza and snuggling while watching live music at Coachella’s first festival in two years.

Heidi Klum is coming back for the next season of America’s Got Talent


Heidi Klum Once Broke an $11 Million Victoria’s Secret Bra While Trying to Show Off a Cool Talent

The German-American former supermodel has worn many hats over the years. After her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, she mostly focused on developing her businesses and brand partnerships. That changed with her longtime run on America’s Got Talent, to which she has recently returned.

Deadline reports she was lured back to her spot thanks to a lucrative offer by NBC. Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough were both removed from the series after one season. The network decided that Klum’s return would help keep their primetime juggernaut on top.