‘Hellbound’: Breaking Down the Main Characters in the Netflix K-Drama

The November Korean drama Hellbound will become the next big hit for Netflix. What brings Hellbound to life is its main characters ranging from a cult leader, lawyer, and producer trying to protect his family. Its storyline is dark, complex, and dreadful as it reinvents what it means to be a sinner in a new world order. The K-drama’s main characters try to understand their new celestial reality.

Main character Jin Kyung-hoon for Netflix's 'Hellbound' sitting at his desk.
Main character Jin Kyung-hoon for ‘Hellbound’ | via Netflix

Detective Jin Kyung-hoon investigates the new phenomenon in ‘Hellbound’

South Korean actor Yang Ik-joon is part of Hellbound’s main cast as a detective. In the K-drama trailer, Kyung-hoon is in charge of investigating the tragic deaths of the people condemned. But the detective has his own darkness to bear after his wife’s death.

According to Soompi, Yang’s role will “portray his paternal love as he sets out to protect his daughter, as well as his beliefs as a police officer.” Kyung-hoon must uphold the law, but it might prove problematic when those responsible are celestial beings.

Main character Song So-hyun must protect her child in ‘Hellbound’

Main character Song So-hyun from Netflix's 'Hellbound' holding her baby.
Main character Song So-hyun from ‘Hellbound’ | via Netflix

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Character Song So-hyun, played by actor Won Ji-ah, is a new mother but finds herself fighting to save her child. Hellbound’s still images show So-hyun in a hospital bed. In the storyline, she just gave birth to her newborn son.

But, she is visited by an angel and given a prophecy. But the prophecy is not for So-hyun but for her son. Already aware of what is to come, she and her husband look for answers on saving their family.

Production director Bae Young-ae looks for answers in ‘Hellbound’

Main character Bae Young-ae from Netflix's 'Hellbound' in work meeting.
Main character Bae Young-ae from ‘Hellbound’ | via Netflix

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Part of the main group of characters is Bae Young-ae, played by actor Park Jung-min. Young-ae is So-hyun’s husband and producer at a local broadcast station. When he learns his family is in danger and condemned to die, he uses his resources to find answers about the new religion.

In Hellbound’s storyline, fans will have to see how the character hopes to use his information to save his wife and son. Young-ae and So-hyun’s prophecy begs the question of what sin they committed.

Character Min Hye-jin is determined to bring an end to the cult

Main character Min Hye-jin from Netflix's 'Hellbound' wearing brown blazer.
Main character Min Hye-jin from ‘Hellbound’ | via Netflix

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Much like the other main characters of Hellbound, lawyer Min Hye-jin, played by actor Kim Hyun-joo, wants answers to what is happening to the world. Hye-jin is unconvinced by the New Truth religion, its leader, and the emerging pseudo-religion called Arrowhead.

According to Soompi, Kim explained, “She’s a lawyer who blocks instigations from groups like ‘New Truth Society’ and ‘Arrowhead’ and helps people who’ve been condemned. In the teaser, Jung Jin-soo asks, ‘Is the man-made system of law just?’ She’s a character who stands on the antipode of that.”

Audiences can look foward to a strong yet realistic character. Kim explains Hye-jin may sway at times but always manages to get back up. “She poses the primitive question regarding life and death to herself,” said Soompi.

Jung Jin-soo is a cult leader looking for proof of the divine in ‘Hellbound’

Character Jung Jin-soo from Netflix's 'Hellbound' sitting with laptop.
Character Jung Jin-soo from ‘Hellbound’ | via Netflix

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Award-winning South Korean actor Yoo Ah-in plays the main character role as Jung Jin-soo. Hellbound’s storyline revolves around Jin-soo leading a new cult religion called New Truth Society. He informs the public of the new phenomenon and prophecies.

In the K-drama trailer, he elaborates that humanity’s sins have forced God to take action. Yoo explains, “Jung Jin-soo is someone who gives meaning to this and recommends living righteously. Typically, this work is done by religious cult leaders, but Jung Jin-soo does not call himself a cult leader. He describes himself as someone who personally researches supernatural phenomenons.”

Hellbound will premiere on Netflix on Nov.19.