‘Hellbound’: Did the K-Drama’s Poster Have a Clue About Jung Jin-soo’s Storyline?

One of Hellbound’s main characters is Jung Jin-soo (Yoo Ah-in). The male character was introduced in the Korean drama‘s trailers and teasers as the leader of the New Truth Society. He informs the public of the supernatural phenomenon that takes over society.

But in Hellbound Episode 3, his storyline drastically changes. One of the K-drama’s main posters gave away what happens to Jin-soo in the episode that would affect the rest of Hellbound’s plot.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers about Hellbound.]

Character Jung Jin-soo for 'Hellbound' K-drama holding a microphone.
Character Jung Jin-soo for ‘Hellbound’ K-drama | via Netflix

Who is Jung Jin-soo, the cult leader, in ‘Hellbound’?

The premise of Hellbound’s story is that the world suddenly becomes aware of a new grisly world order. Jin-soo has been studying the phenomenon for years and informs the public as the leader of the New Truth Society. He explains God is angry with humanity for their sins. Those who have sinned will receive a prophecy from an angel of when they will die. When their time is up, a trio of emissaries will appear on Earth to brutally kill them.

The crux of Jin-soo’s story is the preconceived notion that he is sin-free. The leader of a rising cult should technically follow the same doctrine he preaches to his followers. But in episode 3, Jin-soo’s dark secret was revealed that changes the premise of his church’s doctrines and the new world order.

‘Hellbound’ main poster gave away what happens to Jung Jin-soo in the K-drama

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One of Hellbound’s main posters depicted what could have been a clue to Jin-soo’s fate in the drama. In episode 3, Jin-soo asks to meet with detective Jin Kyeong-hoon (Yang Ik-june). Jin-soo leads him to the abandoned orphanage where he grew up. This is where he reveals he received a prophecy 20 years ago as a teenager. Jin-soo explains to the detective he had never committed a sin and traveled the world for answers until stumbling upon the emissaries.

In the scene, Jin-soo wears a white button-up shirt like the unknown figure in the K-drama’s poster. Jin-soo’s prophecy is fulfilled, and he is killed by the trio of emissaries while kneeling on the floor. The poster depicts the same scenario. The one poster showed the one death by a prophecy that would change the tide of the storyline going foward. The answer to Jin-soo’s fate was revealed before the K-drama aired on Netflix.

What happens after ‘Hellbound’ Episode 3?

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Before Jin-soo’s death in Hellbound, he gives Kyeong-hoon a choice. Kyeong-hoon can either record Jin-soo’s demise and instill fear into the world again or turn a blind eye and escape with his daughter. The detective ultimately decides to turn a blind eye. After Jin-soo meets his fate, Hellbound time jumps into the future. According to Den of Geek, the drama takes place in 2023, and time jumps four years into the future. A banner saying, “2027 Academic Year Kickoff Ceremony” banner is hanging,” gives it away.

Hellbound Episode 3 ends with the New Truth Society fully taking control. Jin-soo had left the church in the hands of Pastor Kim Jeong-chil, the only person who knew about Jin-soo’s prophecy. The church has become a new form of powerful government that has an absolute say in how society needs to run.