‘Hellbound’: Netflix Releases First Official Posters of the Horror K-Drama

Back in September, Netflix announced its list of upcoming Korean dramas for 2021 and 2022. One of the newest anticipated K-dramas is Hellbound. The K-drama is the first to debut at the Toronto Film Festival and was officially debuted by Netflix at the Tudum event. Netflix officially released Hellbound’s first posters depicting its terrifying monsters.

Hellbound’s trailer promised a riveting horror story. The upcoming Nov. K-drama centers around a new phenomenon involving premonitions, the damned, and a creepy cult leader. Netflix has high hopes for Hellbound and so do K-drama fans as more information about the drama is released.

Netflix 'Hellbound' horror K-drama poster showing monsters chasing a victim through traffic.
‘Hellbound’ horror K-drama posters | via Netflix

‘Hellbound’ sends gruelling monsters to take people to hell

According to Soompi and Netflix’s Tudum event, Hellbound is the next K-drama to premiere on the platform after Han So-hee’s My Name. For Hellbound, citizens face a new reality. A rising cult leader speaks to an audience through a video foretelling how people will meet their demise. An angel will appear, giving the condemned person a prophecy. At a certain date and time, emissaries from hell will act out said prophecy.

Hellbound’s official trailer revealed a first look at the monsters who rise from hell. A man sits in a cafe looking at the time on his phone until the clock strikes 2 P.M. Out of nowhere ginormous charcoal-colored creatures emerge. They chase their victim and use their powers to turn his body into burnt ash. Intermixed in the K-drama’s story is a rising cult leader and a production director who wants answers.

Netflix’s ‘Hellbound’ gets eery and horror filled posters

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Netflix has debuted the latest look at the K-drama. The official posters show the fate of the condemned when it is time to fulfill their prophecy. One of the posters uses the same scene from the original trailer. The same man from Hellbound’s trailer is chased by the emissaries of hell. Fans get a more detailed look at the monsters that tower over everything in sight. To best describe the look of the monsters is similar to Marvel’s Hulk but instead, have an evil look to them.

The poster also has an interesting detail. As the man runs through traffic, patrons are recording the incident with their phones. This may allude to the storyline detail that everyone can see the monsters, and the phenomenon will become a global incident through social media. Hellbound’s other poster also includes the monsters.

For this poster, the condemned is a different person. His identity remains a secret as he kneels on the floor facing the emissaries. The poster’s setting is filled with haze and smoke as the emissaries watch the man burn to ash with a sinister grin. Both posters are captioned with, “Is it murder? Is it heavenly punishment?”

Netflix’s ‘Hellbound’ follows the success of ‘Squid Game’ and ‘My Name’

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Netflix has dominated in 2021 with original K-drama. Squid Game has become a worldwide success generating almost $900 million in value for the platform. The K-drama’s main cast became stars overnight as they received an influx of followers, and actor Oh Yeong-su explained things have drastically changed for him and the cast.

After Squid Game, Netflix released Han So-hee’s first action-noir K-drama, My Name. Fans binge-watched the emotional story of a young woman who witnesses her father’s murder and joins the police force under the direction of a crime boss to seek revenge. Both K-dramas anded on Netflix’s Top 10 list, with Hellbound estimated to do the same.

Hellbound will premiere on Netflix on Nov.19