‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Fans Are Certain They Know Who Wins Season 21: ‘One of the Strongest Chefs’

The Hell’s Kitchen season 21 finale episode isn’t until Feb. 9, but fans think they already know who’s going to win the Gordon Ramsay cooking show. Here’s who viewers think has the best shot of winning Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages.

A still shot of Gordon Ramsay on "Hell's Kitchen."
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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 21 winner gets a chef position at Gordon Ramsay’s Atlantic City Restaurant

Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen premiered on Sept. 29, 2022. It started filming in January 2022, making it the first season of the show filmed since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

For the third time in the show’s history, chefs were not divided by gender at the beginning of the season. Instead, they were split into two groups according to age: “20-somethings” composed the red team, while “40-somethings” made up the blue team. 

Gordon Ramsay returned as the host and head chef of the reality competition series, while season 10 winner Christina Wilson serves as the red team sous-chef. Season 7 runner-up Jason Santos returned as the blue team sous-chef.

At the end of episode 3, teams were divided by gender again, with men on the blue team and women on the red team.


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‘Hell’s Kitchen’ fans think they know the winner of season 21

Although the Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages finale episode doesn’t air until Feb. 9, fans think they already know who is going to win season 21 of the Gordon Ramsay show. They shared their predictions in a Reddit thread, and many think that Alex Belew, from the “40-somethings” and blue team, will be the victor.

“Alex – one of the strongest chefs I can remember seeing in HK not named Meghan Gill,” wrote one fan. “Forgetting his [beurre] blanc on the challenge a few eps ago makes me wonder if he’s going to do a Jon, and crash and burn on the pass, but I think he’s going to win.”

“OK my takes are… Alex Cheyenne finals, Alex wins,” wrote another fan.

And another fan predicted, “In the finale, Cheyenne is the first one out, leaving Alejandro and Alex for the grand prize. Alex wins.”

If Belew does win, he will take home a $250,000 cash prize and the head chef position at Ramsay’s brand new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Atlantic City.

Alex Belew has been working in the restaurant industry for 24 years

Hell’s Kitchen season 21 contestant Alex Belew has been working in the food industry since he was 15 years old. 

In 2018, he opened his own restaurant, Dallas & Jane, which was voted best restaurant in Rutherford County twice. He moved to a take-out model during the pandemic before reopening at a limited capacity. But by July 2021, Belew said he felt “stuck” and “highly bored creatively.” 

“I wasn’t happy and was missing the excitement of the line, my team, changing my menu, and serving guests,” he told the Nashville Voyager in November 2022. “I saw an application for Hell’s Kitchen on [Facebook] and sent mine in. After [five] months of Zooms, appointments, psychological exams, and waiting, I got the call that I was chosen to be on the show on December 23. And now we all wait to see what happens!”

Belew shared what makes him different from the other contestants on the show. “One thing that sets me apart from others is my constant search for knowledge,” he said. “I love going and staging at other restaurants with great chefs and teams and learning their techniques and methods. The more well-rounded you are, the more you can handle anything that’s thrown at you.”