Henry Cavill Prepared for Shirtless ‘The Witcher’ Scenes in This Extreme and Dangerous Way

Getting ripped for a movie role seems to be a common prerequisite of late for practically every actor considering the action genre dominates so much in theaters and streaming. While dozens of examples can be listed, Henry Cavill is now the latest who had to get beefed up for shirtless scenes in Netflix’s popular The Witcher.

Even though Cavill played Superman for a time, there hasn’t been a new movie with the character in a couple of years. It’s easy to get a little out of shape if doing more normal roles that don’t require stripping down. Then again, most of his movie input has been action-oriented since he last played Superman.

According to People recently, Cavill went to extremes to make sure his bare-chested scenes in The Witcher looked just right. Is it just another example of crazy diets that ultimately hurt health, or was his technique safe?

Henry Cavill says he dehydrated himself to show off his abs

Henry Cavill of The Witcher
Henry Cavill | Fotonoticias/Getty Images

In the People interview, Cavill explained what he did to make his muscles look more toned in his disrobing scenes. Some fans no doubt bristled when hearing he ended up dehydrating himself for sometimes up to several days at a time.

Doing this apparently allowed him to maintain the perfect body weight and create a literal thin skin to accent his ab muscles. It’s a diet process he clearly pointed out is a bit tortuous, but also arguably madness while somehow citing it as a safe health technique.

No doubt fans want to know whether dehydrating one’s self really is worth doing safely if wanting to show off a more toned body in front of cameras. Is it really, or is it just another fad like the recent news fasting for a couple of days at a time can help one’s health?

Is the dehydration method really safe?

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Most medical experts say staying hydrated is a better method for weight loss than not drinking water. Even though Cavill only did his dehydration technique for a limited time, there aren’t many medical professionals recommending a normal person do such a thing long-term.

Based on medical facts, water often acts as an appetite suppressant, not including helping to increase how a person burns calories. Even more importantly, it removes wastes from the body, the latter of which could otherwise bring long-term repercussions.

With simple knowledge available like this, it’s still not surprising someone from Hollywood would try a fad diet trick to look physically better. While there are no signs it hurt Cavill’s health, let’s hope others who aren’t nearly in as good of shape won’t try the same thing.

After news came out about fasting possibly being healthy, it’s worth taking caution when diet claims without medical evidence show up on top media sites.

Health is still important to Henry Cavill

During his People interview, Cavill notes he takes his health seriously to keep his energy up while filming grueling shows like The Witcher. How many people might think forcibly dehydrating is really healthy, though? Plus, it appears he also reduced his food intake to get in shape for the show.

At one point, he says cutting out food and having to forego water made him kind of cranky on set. That’s only a normal reaction when abstaining from things everyone requires to live normally.

Let’s hope Cavill doesn’t do this regularly if there’s a second season of The Witcher. Outside of some earlier criticism of the show, it’s creating a lot of popular buzz now that it’s on.

Perhaps a nutritionist will speak up and remind everyone to stay away from the extremes of diet fads. It’s far too easy now for the media to convince the public at large to try these techniques, which may require a caveat message on every celebrity article from now on.