Here Are the 4 Scariest Scenes From ‘American Horror Story: Cult’

This season of American Horror Story was creepily close to real life for some viewers. Cult tells the story of Allyson Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson,) a Jill Stein voter whose debilitating phobias resurfaced following the results of the 2016 presidential election. 

Some characters are empowered by Trump’s win, though, including Kai Anderson (Evan Peters,) who wants to take his message to a bigger stage — Congress. Here are some of the scariest moments from AHS: Cult.

A reporter (Emma Roberts) getting stabbed to death on camera (Episode 4)

This “journalist,” Serena Belinda, is willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Another television reporter, Beverly Hope, doesn’t exactly like that. That even includes doing fluff stories while holding smelly dogs. 

When the camera starts rolling, though, clowns appear in the background. They get closer and closer until Serena’s rival news reporter, Beverly, doesn’t have to worry about her anymore.

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Ally’s trip to the supermarket (Episode 1)

This character hates clowns above all else. When Ally goes to the supermarket alone after the election, she realizes she’s not alone in the store. The aisles are filled with clowns, each of them with their horrifying face. Ally narrowly escapes the knife of one clown and runs out of the store to call her partner. 

Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman, and Adina Porter arrive for the 'American Horror Story: Cult' For Your Consideration Event
Sarah Paulson, Leslie Grossman, and Adina Porter arrive for the ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ For Your Consideration Event | MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

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Kai and Winter saving people at the preacher’s house (Episode 8)

These siblings have a pretty close relationship. When asked why she has such faith in Kai, Winter Anderson (Billie Lourd) talks about the time he literally saved her life. After a day of trolling people on the dark web, they get an invitation to a unique, religious-themed haunted house. 

It turns out that this haunted house is real. The actors are going to die because of sins that the owner of the house claimed they committed. Together, Kai and Winter help break everyone out, and they almost die in the process. 

Ally poisoning her wife (Episode 9)

This character’s come a long way from when viewers first met her. Instead of cringing at the sight of clowns, blood, holes, or whatever else, now, she’s willing to protect her son, Oz, above everything else. That even includes saving him from her wife. 

Ivy did bring Kai into their lives, after all. Plus, she tormented Ally with her biggest fears, making her feel crazy in the process. When Ivy and Ally finally have a moment alone, Ally decides to put arsenic in their wine. Ivy drinks it, and once she dies, Ally completely changes into another person. 

Some seasons of American Horror Story, including AHS: Cult, are available for streaming on Hulu. More news regarding the show’s 10th season, and its spinoff American Horror Stories, will presumably be announced in the coming months.