Here Is The Reason Why Rihanna Filed A Lawsuit Against Her Father

Rihanna smiling on the red carpet
Rihanna attends the 2nd Annual Diamond Ball | Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Clara Lionel Foundation

Ronald Fenty better have Rihanna’s money!

Sources have revealed that the singer and makeup mogul has filed a lawsuit against her father and it looks like this court battle is not going to be pretty.

Ronald Fenty was unlawfully using Rihanna’s brand

Rihanna does not hold back when it comes to her reputation.

It has been reported that the singer is suing her father for exploiting millions of dollars from multiple businesses all while using the Fenty brand name. A brand Rihanna has trademarked for her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, and her lingerie line, Fenty x Savage.

Rihanna attends the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Anniversary Event | Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Since reaching ultimate success with her music career, Rihanna has been able to create the makeup and lingerie lines. Both of which have garnered millions of dollars in sales.

Rihanna believes that her father, Ronald Fenty, has been capitalizing on her business empire with his own company, Fenty Entertainment. Ronald Fenty is profiting off of the Fenty brand’s reputation to solicit money without Rihanna’s permission.

Rihanna trademarked “Fenty” years ago in order for her to use it for her many business ventures.

Ronald Fenty and a business partner have alleged that their company was affiliated with Rihanna and were even acting as her business representatives to exploit millions of dollars from third-party businesses.

Rihanna is currently suing her father for false advertising, false designation of origin and invasion of privacy.

Rihanna has asked her father to put an end to his company before

This is not the first time Rihanna has asked her father to stop with his fraudulent company.

The singer has sent Ronald Fenty multiple cease-and-desist letters in the past and is currently asking the court for damages and an injunction against him.

Not only does Rihanna want to put an end to her father’s company, but she also wants to protect her “name, reputation, goodwill and privacy.”

The singer is working hard with her legal team in the hopes to get a jury trial. Rihanna wants to be granted a declaration stating that Ronald Fenty and his business partner are “prohibited from selling, offering for sale, advertising or promoting any goods or services using the FENTY mark or any other term that is confusingly similar to Rihanna’s name.”

Ronald Fenty was shocked by the news of the lawsuit and has vowed to fight it.

Rihanna and Ronald Fenty do not have a close relationship

Rihanna has been very open about her strained relationship with her father throughout the years.

The singer revealed that Ronald Fenty’s domestic abuse towards her mother and addiction caused Rihanna to experience a troubled home life growing up in Barbados.

Rihanna has revealed how hard it was for her to separate her father’s role as a husband from his role as a father. After witnessing many years of abuse her mother faced, the singer began to resent Ronald Fenty.

After many years, Rihanna was finally able to forgive her father for the way he treated her mother.

Rihanna and Ronald Fenty have been on good terms with each other over the past few years, but everything took a turn when Fenty tried to pull a fast one over his daughter.

It has not been revealed when the two will hash it out in court.

All Rihanna wants is for Ronald Fenty to compensate her for all of the damages he has caused.