Here’s How Long ‘The View’ Will Be on Summer Hiatus

In a week when fans of The View might hope to hear Whoopi Goldberg respond to the Mariah Carey controversy, no one will get the chance. That’s because you won’t find new episodes of the show for some time. Starting Monday August 5, the show will be on its summer hiatus.

If you pull up ABC on your cable or streaming provider’s box, you’re going to find reruns (“encore presentations”) of the show from the past months. For example, the August 5 show flashed back to a visit from Colorado Senator Michael Bennett and Katie Couric.

Later in the week, you’ll see the ladies chat with Vivica A. Fox and get suggestions for Joy Behar’s summer reading recommendations. This pattern will continue for the coming weeks, but it won’t be long before the next season of The View returns with new episodes.

As with school and most grownup work, the show kicks back into gear after Labor Day.

The new season of ‘The View’ kicks off Tuesday, September 3.

The cast of ‘The View’ in July 2019 | Jenny Anderson/Walt Disney television via Getty Images

This year’s summer break at The View follows the pattern fans will be familiar with from past seasons. Following the August 2 show with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and first lady Chirlane McCray, production shuts down until after the end of the summer.

New shows will begin airing Tuesday September 3, the first weekday following Labor Day Monday. Despite rumors of Meghan McCain leaving, it appears the same five co-hosts as the previous season will return in September.

That means Whoopi, Joy, and McCain will occupy their usual seats with Sunny Hostin and Abby Huntsman between them at the table. (Granted, even if The View were to add or subtract one of the ladies at the table before September, ABC might not announce it.)

With the Democratic primary race heating up, there will surely be plenty to talk about when they return. One question is whether the same set of co-hosts will make it through Season 23.

What are the odds the same 5 co-hosts make it through Season 23?

Marianne Williamson visits ‘The View’ in July 2019. | Paula Lobo/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

No one needed leaks from View employees or people close to McCain to see that the conservative co-host has been unhappy at various points of the past year. From general pouting to major on-air blowups, McCain has seemed stressed at a level that exceeded that of her co-hosts.

If that continues, we could see her departure before the calendar flips to 2020. (Personnel changes at The View rarely follow any kind of normal schedule.)

Were McCain or Huntsman to depart before the end of the upcoming season, The View does have Ana Navarro, an even-keeled conservative replacement, already on the payroll.

But that drama will play out another day (if it happens at all). For now, fans of the show can catch up on episodes they missed or take a break from The View for the coming month. Starting September 3, the 2020 campaign will pick up steam and the ladies at the table will be ready to weigh in on it.

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