Here’s Instagram Evidence That Syngin and Tania Have Broken Up

The TLC show 90-Day Fiance still has its share of fans and detractors after seven seasons on the air. While a number of successful marriages have occurred on this show, there’s been equal disasters, which makes sense considering the lack of time to develop a decent relationship. One of the more celebrated couples recently is Syngin Colchester and Tania Maduro.

Those who’ve watched this couple know Syngin is from South Africa and where Tania Maduro met him while vacationing there. Over time, Tania became one of the more controversial women in the show’s history, leading some fans to hope Syngin would leave her.

Speculation is running rampant on whether they breached the rules of the show and their NDA to break up. Evidence of this comes from their individual Instagram accounts.

90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

What does Syngin’s Instagram account say?

A major clue the two have broken up comes from Syngin’s own Instagram showing few to any pics of them together. For avid watchers of this couple, it wouldn’t be surprising since they’ve had a tumultuous relationship so far through Season 7.

While they got along fine when the two were in South Africa, things started to go awry when they went back to Tania’s home here in the U.S. Living here is a far different environment from South Africa, but planning their future together seemed to run into major roadblocks.

There hasn’t been any evidence on 90-Day Fiance the two broke up. Nevertheless, rumors started permeating they split in November already without confirmation from show producers.

They clearly don’t want to reveal anything to ruin the season finale. Based on Syngin’s Instagram, it certainly seems to be true. Although there’s more clues than this available, including on Tania’s Instagram page.

Clues on Tania’s social media

Some contradictions exist over on Tania’s Instagram. She recently posted a photo of the two kissing, but not known whether a current photo or an old one. Along with the photo, Tania posted some behind-the-scenes show info on Instagram stories.

Beyond this, the two seem to have unfriended one another on Instagram, likely the most damning evidence. Others might say this doesn’t prove much.

If anything, the two may have to put on some pretense about their relationship for the time being so they aren’t sued over their NDA. A major downside to doing shows like this is being under the sword of non-disclosure agreements.

Anything breaking that and revealed to the public could mean legal problems for Syngin and Tania.

As a result, there may be only subtle clues on their social media pages for a while about them going their own way. It may also become a warning tale for any viewer wanting to appear on 90-Day Fiance.

The show may be terrified of what it could do to the show’s reputation

To be fair, there’s a good number of couples from 90-Day Fiance that are still married, even if it’s not known how happy any of them are. Having one going completely sour could end up throwing off the rhythm of the show and the reputation it has for finding compelling love stories.

The divides between the customs of other countries and the U.S. are more than noted on this show. Considering Syngin and Tania didn’t start having problems until they came to America, it’s kind of a warning sign for others who might try to find love overseas.